Best Blender And Food Processor Combo In 2019

Blender And Food Processor ComboBlender and food processor combo is considered an essential kitchen appliance used conveniently in numerous food and beverage preparation.

In terms of kitchen layout, it is more often that blenders win when it comes to getting the prime location on the kitchen counter.

The food-processor on the other hand, is left stored somewhere in a kitchen shelf or cupboard only to be brought out when extensive mincing, chopping, dicing, or even pastry dough kneading is required. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have all the features of both of them merged into one powerful kitchen appliance?

There are such machines available today showcasing both blending and food processing features and functions.

A good blender-food processor combo should have a peak power capacity capable of crushing ice and solid food ingredient. It needs variable speed control options.

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The size of the container or pitcher must be adequate to accommodate large portions of ingredients. Optional detachable cups are useful when it comes to mincing or grinding ingredients in small portions. A shock proof tested and heat resistant material for the container adds versatility for cold and hot liquids food preparation.

Here are some of the top rated models in the market.

Ninja Smart Screen Model

Ninja Smart Screen Model is a powerful appliance for blending frozen solid food ingredients and processing food. It comes with powerful 1400 watt motor-base featuring touchscreen display. It preserves colors, vitamins and flavors with its unique FreshVac Technology. It comes with a food-processor and a blender, 20oz. Single-Serve cup and slicing disc. The touch display comes with preset automatic programs for smoothie, puree, extraction, frozen drinks, chopping and icecream. Manual settings include high, low and pulse.

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Each container includes a custom splash proof lid that makes food preparation easier and safer. The containers, lids, and blades are all dishwasher safe. It is useful when making dough, blending, crushing ice, chopping and even slicing. The touchscreen should be cleaned with a soft dry cloth to avoid scratching.

Oster Rapid Blend

Oster Rapid BlendThe Oster Rapid Blend comes with a 450 watt motor and 8-speed options. This machine can chop, slice, dice, puree and blend with its interchangeable glass containers. It has an ingredient processing bowl with a 3 cup capacity and a blender pitcher with a 6 cup capacity. This pitcher is BPA-free, scratch resistant and dishwasher safe.

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It comes with a stainless steel food-processing detachable blade ideal for slicing and dicing fruits and vegetables. The blender pitcher is designed with a 4-pointed stainless steel blade.

Ninja BL700 Kitchen System 1200

Ninja Kitchen System 1200Ninja Kitchen System 1200 is a powerful appliance that crushes ice and solid food ingredients in a few seconds. It comes with a powerful 1100 watt motor and has variable 3-speed options including pulse action technology. It includes two interchangeable containers – a food-processing bowl with a maximum capacity of 9 cups and a blender pitcher with a maximum liquid capacity of up to 5 cups. Containers are made of durable food-grade BPA free plastic material that is shock and heat tested and also dishwasher safe.

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Each container includes a custom splash proof lid that makes food preparation easier and safer. It comes with detachable blades that are made from durable stainless steel. It is useful when making dough, blending, crushing ice, chopping and even slicing.

BFP-10CH Cuisinart PowerBlend Duet

Cuisinart PowerBlend DuetThe Cuisinart Duet is a 500 watt powered countertop appliance. It includes a pitcher ideal for beverage preparation and a detachable cup/bowl for food preparation. The pitcher has a maximum capacity of six cups while the food-processing bowl has a maximum volume capacity of three cups. Both are made of glass that is heat resistant and are dishwasher safe.The system includes a feed tube and pusher for safe and convenient handling when preparing ingredients.

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It also comes with a chopping blade and a shredding /slicing disc. It also showcases pronounced on and off switch for easy handling with manual speed control and automated controls with seven pre-programmed options for versatility. This model purees, stirs, crushes ice, mixes, pulses, shreds, chops, slices and also processes ingredients. It is simple and easier to clean the glass jars.

See video below for a better illustration of the features of this Cuisinart model.

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DeLonghi 9-Cup Capacity Processor

DeLonghi 9-Cup Capacity ProcessorThe DeLonghi 9-Cup capacity appliance is designed with a patented intuitive dual drive system. The motor automatically adjusts the speed depending on the requirement of each function. It has a dual function design that includes a food-processing bowl with a maximum capacity of nine cups and a blender container with a maximum liquid capacity of five cups. These containers have a safety mechanism that ensures that safety lids are secured in place. This sensor automatically prompts motor to stop when safety lids are not in place.

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The containers are built with food-grade BPA free plastic material that is durable and dishwasher safe. The system includes four detachable stainless steel blades that includes fine shred /slice disc, dough blade, serrated chopping blade and thick shred/slice disc. This appliance is ideal for chopping and slicing ingredients, kneading dough, shredding ingredients, and pureeing fruits and vegetables. It comes in a compact design ideal for small space kitchens.

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