Best Personal Blender For Smoothies 2020

Best Blender For SmoothiesThere are a variety of great blenders available in the market today with the power and convenience required to make great tasting smoothies.

Smoothies are a favourite for many. They can be served for breakfast as a carbo drink, as part of a diet plan food-drink or as a refreshing beverage at any time of the day.

The possibilities for making great drinks with such blenders are endless and can come as a cup of fresh strawberries and raspberries mixed with dairy and sweeteners, or pureed kale with mint and diced cucumbers mixed with ice or a freshly squeezed lemon juice, bananas mixed with ice cream, or coffee with caramel and cream. You may have interest on Best Juicer Blender if you want to go for the best tastes.

It is therefore important to choose a great blender with consistent performance and capable to dice and puree fresh fruit and vegetables, crush ice, and come up with evenly blended beverages.

Other features to take into consideration when choosing an ideal blender include power wattage, pitcher capacity, blade features, speed options, price/warranty, if easy to operate and clean.

Here are some of the top designs in the online market today.

Ninja Master Prep

Ninja Master PrepThe Ninja Master Prep is designed to crush ice and blend whole vegetables fruits into an even blended drink. Compact and lightweight, this blender has a 400-watt peak power capacity. It includes a 6 cup pitcher ideal for making smoothies, milkshakes, fruit juice, and soups, and a 2 container ideal for fine chopping. It features patented blade technology with special power to crush ice and for uniform cutting. It has two detachable blades – a 4-blade and a 6-blade which are dishwasher safe. It has a lower and upper set of blades.

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The lid is designed as a pod where speed options are easily accessible. Unlike other designs the pod operates on the top of both the pitcher and chopping bowl and therefore easier to move it from one to another when you have different projects at a time.The pitcher and bowl also includes a storage lid for convenient and easier storage. It is cheaply priced yet it allows you to make any kinds of smoothies that you can think of.

 NutriBullet Mixer & Blender Pro 900 Series

Magic Bullet Pro 900 Series Blender & Mixer SystemThe NutriBullet mixer and blender Pro 900 Series is a compact, heavy duty blender, mixer, and food processor- all in one system. Built with 900 watt motor, this is a powerful design capable of extracting all those nutrients from stems, seeds, and skins of fresh fruits and vegetables. It shreds, grinds, blends and chops. This system includes two (2) durable extractor blades that break down ingredients to create a healthy nutritious power drink. Easy to use with a single speed option for an even blend. It is powerful, lightweight and easy to clean.

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This is a 15-piece set that includes a power base, two extractor blades, two tall cups, one colossal cup with maximum volume capacity of four cups and one short cup. Also included are two lip rings, one with stem and one with a flip top lid. It also has two air-tight lids that transform the containers into a travel mug or sipping cup. The colossal cups and containers are built with BPA-free plastic materials that are durable and dishwasher safe. The package also includes a cookbook, manual, and a pocket nutritionist that contains new recipes and kitchen ideas on how to prepare a healthy food drink with fresh ingredients.
Check the video below for a better illustration of this powerful system.

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Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional Series

Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional SeriesFrom home cooks, to master chefs, to Michelin chefs, the Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional Series is the blender of choice by many professional chefs and restaurants. Endorsed by the Culinary Institute of America as their official blender, you’ll find this machine is many test kitchens, restaurants, and food prep stations across the globe. Tested for commercial grade use, this model is built with a 2 peak horsepower powerful-motor that generates up to 240 miles per hour blade speed in order to blend each and every ingredient.

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The base has a built-in thermal cooling system complete with a radial cooling fan. The stainless steel blades are laser-cut designed, measuring 3 inches in diameter. Other features include an easy-grip handle, vented spill-proof lid with cup to safely add food while blending, and a tamper tool with collar that’s safe to use when manipulating food inside. It available in a number of colors. The pitcher has a maximum liquid volume capacity of up to 8 cups. The whole blender is 20.5 inches tall with the base and container in place. Included in the set are 2 cookbooks showcasing delectable dishes from Culinary Art Institute chefs.

Oster 7-Speed Blender

Oster 7-Speed BlenderThis Oster blender is built with a 600 watt motor. It has a thermal shock tested kitchen compliant glass jar with a maximum liquid volume capacity of up to 6 cups. The glass jar can withstand extreme temperatures and is scratch resistant and dishwasher safe. It has a splash proof lid with a 2 ounce measuring cup. The blade is made from stainless steel material that is durable. It has a reverse motion capability that gives consistent precise blending by getting stubborn frozen ice, fruit and tough vegetables down into the blades. It is also available in red color.

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The base has a manual and pre-programmed mode that lets you choose between seven variable speeds with just a single touch of button. The stainless steel/black base has an attractive shape, is heavy and feels solid.

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