Best Closet Organizing Ideas

Closet OrganizingWhat are the best closet organizing ideas to help keep your closet neat and smart?

Would you wish to find yourself standing knee-deep in shoe boxes, handbags or sweaters that have tumbled from a closet shelf?

What about being unable to find what you are looking for in your own closet?

When organizing your closet, take some effort to simplify it so that it becomes easier to navigate.


There are different ways to organize your handbags. You can purchase organizers that will help you to hang them neatly over the closet rod or door.

Belts and Ties

Screw a few hooks into the closet walls to hang your belts or ties instead of stashing them in drawers. You can also invest in tie belt racks to keep these small accessories organized. This will save time spent searching through a tangle of belts or ties to find the right one.


Jewelry trays are a good option to keep your jewelry, purses and other accessories. You can label shelves with what has been stored in the trays or you can draw a diagram that shows what goes into each section and then post it inside the closet door. You can also install dividers and use that extra space to store other items.


Group similar clothes hanged together near each other so that you do not have to hunt for something when you are in a hurry. You can also divide them into summer and winter sections.

For dirty clothes use a laundry basket in each dressing area to collect all dirty clothes.

Keep items like towels neatly folded or rolled in order to keep them organized and create more space. For bed sheet sets store together in pillowcases and separate them by room or size.

Choose worn out and outdated clothes that take up space in your closet. Donate them to an organization or you can sell them for a few bucks. Another alternative is to pack them in a box and store them within your home where space is adequate.

Empty hangers should be stored at a spot at the end of the rod or on a shelf dedicated for hangers that are not in use rather than having them dangle between hangers with clothes on them.

Keep extra hangers in your closet so that it is easy to find one. It is advisable to keep hangers spaced as far apart as possible to avoid creasing your clothes. Using heavy wooden or padded hangers, makes it easier to space out your clothes. To keep your dresses and shirts hanged straight, it is wise to button all the top buttons.


Disorganized footwear is usually a big bother whether the boots and sneakers are lying on the floor or piled in a heap. Without a good organization system, it hard to find what you need and your shoes end up being damaged. It is appropriate to organize your footwear to keep it neat, accessible and in good shape.Shoe cubbie

Shoe cubbies and organizer boxes will allow you to easily establish what shoes to wear each day. Cubbies help in minimizing clutter along the floor and are usually a good option for storing multiple pairs of shoes.

Cubbies normally have solid sides and a series of open-front slots. They are designed to be able to fit one pair of small flexible shoes per slot.

The cubbies can either be wall mounted, fixed on the closet floor or at the entry way. The top of each cubby can serve as an additional storage space. Place your daily favorites at the front and center and out of season and special occasion pairs should be placed in a higher slot.

Placing a shoe cubby or a shoe rack in the entry way area of your house will help keep the floor clean, keeping off wet and muddy shoes from messing the area. For entryway cubbies, choose durable material that can stand up to wet muddy shoes and boots.

These and other ideas will help to keep your closet neat and orderly.

A well put closet makes you more organized and makes it a little bit easier to find what you need to dress up.

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