Best Handheld Showerhead For Low Water Pressure

Best Handheld Showerhead For Low Water PressureBest Handheld showerheads for low water pressure areas, are a major life-saver and usually allow the whole family to have a decent shower.

Hand held shower heads are very easy to use and are also very flexible.

These shower heads that are designed to deliver at a high pressure no matter the force of the water, normally work by creating a forceful flow that cleans the pores deeply and leaves a clean, invigorating feeling.

They aerate water by pulling air into the water-stream thus creating a powerful satisfying flow. They are designed to help increase and maintain steady pressure output at all times.

In addition, they also help in improving water-use efficiency and  intensity of spray patterns.They are ideal for those living in a home where water pressure is not very strong or those who get their supply from lower pressure delivery systems such as private wells.

These showerheads are available from low to high cost depending on the model and the features.

We review a few of them available at

Zenfresh Mineralized Showerhead

Zenfresh Mineralized ShowerheadThis Zenfresh Showerhead utilizes laser perforated hole technology which helps in increasing the force of the water even in a low- pressure-environment. It is a water saver with a flow-rate of 1.45 gallons per minute. It has only one fixed control spray setting where water comes out as a wide, strong and soft spray. It comes as a shower head only and you have to purchase your own hose and wall mount holder . It is constructed with durable plastic material.

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It has in built purification system consisting of active mineral stones resembling beads that purify the water by removing residual chlorine and other impurities. The active mineral stones also help in absorption of mineral nutrients by the skin and hair. This helps to keep the skin and hair well hydrated getting rid of dryness and itchiness. The mineral stones last for one year.

Niagara Chrome Shower Kit

Niagara Chrome Shower KitThis Niagara compact showerhead provides powerful, full force flow even with less water-pressure. It is a low-flow model with a flow-rate of 1.5 gallon per minute, saving gallons every year. It is constructed with ABS thermoplastic material and has a clean chrome finish.

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The head comes with 9 jet streams. It adjusts to different modes that are light, massaging and condensed settings. It doesn’t leak and gives good pressurized spray patterns. The included hose is flexible, tangle-free and 72 inches long. Installation is very simple and is also reasonably priced.

Waterpik Linea 5-Mode Design

Waterpik Linea 5-Mode DesignThis Waterpik 5 mode design uses Optiflow technology that increases water force up to 30 per cent. It has a flow rate of 2.5 gallon per minute. The head measures 3.5 inches in diameter. It comes with 5 settings which include slow massage, full body spray, misting, pulsating massage and full-body massage It is easy to regulate these settings by adjusting the mode-ring at the back of the head. The head features plastic and metal construction.

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It comes with 5 foot flexible plastic hose. It is reasonably priced and aesthetically pleasing. It is available in brushed nickel and chrome finishes. It is easy to install and helps in solving pressure problems. It has a pre-installed flow restrictor that can be removed to increase the flow.

Oxygenics Body Spa Shower Kit

Oxygenics Body Spa Shower KitThis Body Spa shower kit delivers pressurized shower spray regardless of the water pressure. It flow rate is 2.5 gallon-per-minute. The head is made of plastic resin and finished with white surface. It provides an enjoyable, powerful and strong spray.

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It is lightweight and doesn’t clog. It comes with an arm mounting holder and 60-inch plastic hose. It comes with a comfort control valve that allows for spray setting adjustment. It is ideal for campers and others in motorized homes.

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