Best Microwave Ovens Under $100 – 2020

Best Microwave Oven Under $100Owning the best microwave should be a priority for every home owner. A microwave oven will give you the convenience to quickly reheat your leftovers, warm beverages, defrost veggies, cook your food or make popcorn.

Some of them are designed for simple tasks such as reheating food, while others have additional features, for instance there are those with grilling capability.

They also come in a wide range of colors and style and you will definitely find an appliance with a style and color that will complement your kitchen.

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Some of these microwaves are designed as standalone countertop models while others are compact designs for those with limited space including over-the range designs.

Depending on your budget, you will be able to find a cheap microwave that has the capability to complete most tasks such as heating, reheating and defrosting.

There are many models available in the online market to choose from.

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Westinghouse WCM770B Countertop Model

White Kenmore 73092 Model For Small SpacesWestinghouse WCM770B Countertop Model features 0.7 cubic feet interior capacity and 700 watts cooking power. It has LED display, user-friendly controls, 10 power levels, a clock, timer and interior light. It has six smart touch settings that allow you to cook without selecting power levels or cook time function. The glass turntable plate is 9.5-inches in diameter and is dishwasher safe. The door is usually released by a simple push button. The different settings include child lock, multi-stage cooking, memory, weight defrost and speed defrost.

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The exterior dimensions are 18-inches wide, 10.3-inches tall and 12.9-inches deep. The power cord is about 3 feet long. It is sturdy and ideal for a small counter-top in an apartment or studio. It is easy to use and comes with a well-written manual. It is fairly quiet and cleans easily.

Danby Countertop Model

Danby Countertop ModelThis Danby Countertop Model is constructed with sturdy steel material. Its capacity is 0.7 cubic feet. It has a control panel, electronic display and a removable roller pin. It has an automatic light and 11 power levels. Among the different control settings include time-cook, time-defrost, weight-defrost and kitchen timer. It has six quick cook settings ranging from popcorn, beverage, potato, frozen vegetables, pizza and dinner plate. The cooking power is 700 watts.

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The timer/clock is easy to read. It also has a child-safety lock and cooking end reminding function. This model is very easy to operate. It has a screen window which allows you to view your cooking while keeping the energy confined in the oven. Turntable plate is made of glass and detachable for cleaning in a dish washer or in warm soapy water. The door is operated by a push button. This model comes in white, black and stainless steel colors. The exterior dimensions are 13 x 17.3 x 10.2 inches. The power cord is 40 inches long. The turntable plate is about 10.5 inches. It is easy to clean with mild detergent. It operates quietly and is also cheaply priced.

Westinghouse WCM660B Model Ideal For Seniors

Westinghouse WCM660B Model Ideal For SeniorsWestinghouse WCM660B model has interior capacity of 0.6 cubic feet. It is a countertop design and has cooking power of 600 Watts. It uses mechanical dials with one knob for timer and the other knob for 6 power levels. The different power levels range from medium, high, low, medium/high, defrost and medium/low. The timing ranges between 1 to 30 minutes. The timer has a signal that announces the end of cooking time. It is ideal for use by the disabled or seniors who have difficulty operating a touch pad.

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It is also very easy to use. The handle is easy to grip and very comfortable. A great feature with this model is the detachable glass turntable that is safe to clean in the dishwasher. The turntable has a diameter of about 9.5 inches. It is available in both white and black colors. The external measurements are 10.2 x 17.8 x 13.3 inches. It is well constructed with curved edges. It is also easy to clean. The power cord is about 39 inches long. It is lightweight and compact in size. It is ideal for those living in small spaces such as apartments. It comes with one year warranty.

Oster OGB81101 Model

Oster OGB81101 ModelThis Oster OGB81101 model has cooking power of 1,000 watts and 1.1 Cubic feet in size. It has ten power levels and digital timer and clock. It has nine one-touch cooking functions for pizza, popcorn, reheating, potatoes, beverages and frozen dinners. It comes with a handy 30 second express button. This model is white in color and has a child-safe lock feature. It has a round turntable plate measuring 12.5 inches across. The turntable is made of heavy glass and cleans easily. It comes with a pull handle door.

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It has rubber feet at the bottom for positioning the oven on the counter. It normally beeps about 4 times after food has cooked. The interior is all-metal. The power cord is about 32 inches long. It is easy to operate and clean. This unit heats food evenly and quickly. The white glass and interior light allows you to see when food is cooking or warming up. The roller ring is plastic with little wheels. The exterior dimensions are 21.25-inches by 15.5 by 11.75 inches.

Proctor Silex Microwave Oven

Proctor Silex Microwave OvenThis Proctor Silex Microwave Oven has 700 Watts of cooking power and iternal capacity of 0.7 cubic feet. It has a digital LED display and electronic touchpad. It sports an attractive oval window at the center and has a stylish black casing. It has 10 power levels, remind signal, time clock, and six one touch instant cooking settings

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It is small in size measuring 12-inches deep by 18-inches wide by 10 inches high.. The door opens by pushing a button located at the bottom right corner. The turntable diameter is about 9.6 inches.  This model is a great option for those with small spaces such as college students or those living in basement apartments.It comes with one year warranty.

Hamilton Beach 0.7 cu ft Model

This Hamilton Beach Oven has interior capacity of 0.7 cubic feet and 700 Watts. It comes with six quick-set control buttons which include beverage button, an easy start button and the express cook button. In addition there is the kitchen timer/clock feature. The touch-pad controls are easy to operate and also easy to read. This model also comes with ten power levels and LED display. It comes with a child lock to prevent kids from maneuvering or opening the door.

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The turn table measures 10 inches and fits a regular-sized dinner plate. This model is small and compact in size. The small footprint is ideal for areas with limited space. Its dimensions are 17.3 by 13.4 by 10.2-inches. It works well and is well-suited for quick warm-ups. It comes with easy to follow instructions. The attractive red color is perfect for modern kitchens.

Sunbeam SGS90701B-B Model

This Sunbeam SGS90701B-B model is a counter-top oven packed with cooking power of 700-watts. In addition, it has cooking capacity of 0.7-Cubic Feet. The six pre-programmed settings will allow you to quickly warm or cook your food. This model also has adjustable ten power levels. The controls enable express cooking, speed defrosts or weight defrosts. The glass turntable is removable. The touch panel is easy to operate. There is LED display for easy viewing. The digital clock and timer help in setting the cooking time. This model also features child lock-out feature to prevent any unsupervised operation by young kids.

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It is compact enough to fit in small kitchen space. Its dimensions are 13-inches deep by 10.3-inch tall and 17.8-inch wide. The power cord is about 2 feet long. It comes with a three prong plug.

Nostalgia RMO770RED Retro Series Model

This Nostalgia RMO770RED Model is a fashionable retro style microwave with many presets. It has 0.7 cubic foot interior cooking capacity, five power levels and powerful 700-watt. This model has an easy to read LED display and 24 hour digital clock. It features a total of 12 pre-programmed cooking settings for a variety of dishes. It comes with turntable glass carousel for easy cooking. The spinning program dial is easy to operate and multi-functional. The program dial is used to set the cooking time and helps in choosing from the preset settings. This other controls includes the micro power button, the defrost button and the express button. The lock feature is used for locking the control panel so that children cannot use the oven unsupervised.

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Some of the accents and door handle are made of Chrome. Its dimensions are 17.5-inch in width by 13-inches in Depth and 10.25 inches in height. It can be used on a small counter-top where space is limited. The power cord is 56-inches long. This model features a metallic red smart design.

Farberware Classic FMO09AHTBKC Model

The Farberware Classic model features cooking capacity of 0.9 Cubic Feet and 900 Watts of cooking power. It has ten power levels for efficient and precise cooking, heating and defrosting. Other controls include 1 to 6 minute express cooking, multi-stage cooking, kitchen timer, an add 30-seconds control and weight or time based defrost controls. It comes with six preset cooking settings for heating beverage, pizza and a dinner plate, for cooking potato as well as for preparing popcorn & frozen vegetable. The custom memory function instantly stores and also calls up any cooking settings as required.

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This model comes with a 10.6-inch rotating turntable perfect for standard-sized dinner plates and other regular food containers. The child lock function prevents any unsupervised operation by children. The digital interface is easy to operate. The LCD display is easy to read. This model exterior dimensions are 10.9 inches tall, a depth of 14.5 inches and a width of 19 inches. This model features a sleek stainless steel and black design.

RCA 1.1 Cubic Foot Microwave

This RCA microwave model has a cooking capacity of 1.1 Cubic Feet. It is a counter-top model with 1000 Watts of cooking power. It has ten power levels for efficient and accurate heating defrosting and cooking. It comes with pre-programmed settings that make it convenient to cook easily and to reheat leftovers and beverages.
The child lock function prevents unsupervised use and operation.

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This model comes with electronic touch-pad controls that are large and easy to read. It also comes with a 10-inch glass turntable. It has a push button for opening. The exterior dimensions of this model are a width of 21-inches, a depth of 16-inches, and a height of 12 –inches. The electrical cord is about 3 feet long. It has a plastic coated interior. It is well built and easy to use. It is an attractive and compact model. The door handle is easy to operate. It has a sleek smooth finish.

How To Clean & Care For Your Microwave

Always keep your microwave in a clean state, to help prolong its life span.
Ensure that your microwave is unplugged from the outlet before cleaning. Where possible, remove the glass turntable, the rack and roller pin. Remove any visible food deposits.
Any liquid spills and food splatters should be wiped immediately with a soft damp cloth.
Use a soft cloth to clean any steam that may accumulate either on the inside or the other side of the door.
Use warm soapy water to clean. Wipe the interior surfaces with a soft damp cloth. Clean tough stains with olive oil.
Clean the outside with a damp cloth or sponge. Both the inside and exterior side of the window should be cleaned with a damp cloth.
The control panel should not be allowed to become wet.
Clean the glass turntable in a dishwasher or warm, soapy water. Dry the turn table thoroughly.
Clean the roller ring in a dishwasher or clean with mild, soapy water.
Avoid using rough material such as abrasive or scouring pad that is likely to scratch the microwave surfaces.
After cleaning, leave the microwave to dry.
Use recommended microwave cookware such as microwave-safe plastics, glass ceramics, stoneware and porcelain, heat-resistant glass, microwave-safe pottery and paper plates.

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