Best Tea Kettle For Gas Stove

Finding the best tea kettle for use on gas stoves may be a difficult task for some. These teapots are readily available in the market and usually come in different designs.

They differ in the capacity that each of the kettle can hold. Some of them have elegant and stylish designs that also help in beautifying the kitchen.

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Most of them are made of high-grade stainless steel material. Some of them have copper exterior bottom for even and quick heat distribution. It is important to choose a design with a heat-resistant handle in order to prevent burns.

These teapots are also ideal as gifts for tea enthusiasts and at-home baristas.

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Chef’s Secret KTTKC Model

This Chef’s Secret model holds 2.75 Quarts. It is designed to whistle when water is ready. It is made of heavy-duty surgical stainless-steel with a beautiful mirror finish. It features a copper capsule exterior bottom while the interior bottom is all stainless steel. It has an opening lever, black-riveted handle and a lid with a knob. It has a wide base that perfectly fits on a large burner. It pours smoothly without burping or sloshing.

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The handle stays cool to touch and also grips well. The base is 9.5 inches in diameter and the height to the top of handle is about 9.5 inches.

ZestyNest TeaKettle

This ZestyNest teapot has an attractive diamond shape design with satin finish. It is made of superior stainless steel with high polished finish. The attractive-handle is made of heat-resistant plastic and is located very high above the top of the kettle. The handle is easy to grasp and pour. It is a whistling tea kettle with a capacity of 3.2 liters. The lid on top fits snugly and has a small-handle which makes it handy when filling water. It is ideal for electronic, gas and induction stoves. It has a high-end vacuum capsule at the bottom. The lever located on the handle makes it easy to open and close the spout.

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It quickly heats up and maintains the heat of the water. It is lightweight and durable. The base diameter is about 8.75 inches and the total height including the handle is 10 inches. The heat-resistant parts of the lever and handle are cheery red in color.

OXO Classic TeaKettle

This OXO classic tea-kettle is constructed with high-grade brushed stainless steel. It gives off a loud whistle to alert you when water is ready. It features silicone touch points on the handle and spout to help in resisting the heat. A large lid opening of about 4 and 1/4 inches in diameter makes it easy to fill water and to clean. The handle flips out of the way for easy filling and compactness during storage.

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The black-handle is made of heat resistant rubberized material. The tea kettle is light and weighs 1 lbs. It holds 1.75 quarts of water. It has a flat bottom. The base diameter is about 8 inches and the total height up to the top of the handle is 10 inches.
See video below for a better illustration of the different features of this OXO classic kettle.

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Whistling Teapot

This Vanika Teapot has a whistling design, meaning it whistles once it’s ready. It is made of 430 stainless steel material and has a gleaming mirror finish. It works on almost all cooktops including ceramic, gas, induction and electric. It is designed with a safe silicone type of handle to protect fingers from any build-up of heat. The lever on the handle makes it easy to pour and also has a nice grip.The lid locks into place and has a knob made of silicone to prevent burns. The spout is also wide.

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The tea-pot has a weight of 1.8 lbs, a length of 9 inches, a height of 9 inches and a width of 10 inches including the spout. The wider base sits well on a large burner. It has a capacity of 3.2 Quart. It is durable with a 100% money-back guarantee. It is easy to use and clean.

Circulon Teakettle

This Circulon teapot is lead free and has a carbon steel interior. The exterior is stain-resistant bright enamel. It holds about 2-quarts of water. The handle is made of Phenolic -hard plastic material and is cool to the touch. The handle has one touch spout lever for easier operation. It has a whistling feature.

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The base is flat and measures about 5.25-inches in diameter. This pot can be used on both electric and gas stove. It is easy to clean and the lid fits tightly. It is available in different colors.

Fino Pour Over Small Kettle

This Fino Pour Over small Kettle has a capacity of 1-liter. The handle is angled to keep hands away from the hot pot. It is made of 18/8 type of stainless steel. It has a narrow spout and a curved goose-neck which allows for that precise control in order to extract flavor when brewing your tea using the pour over method. The hand-grip is well made, comfortable and does not get hot.

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The pot is dishwasher safe and perfect for electric, gas and induction stovetops. It doesn’t whistle and is cheaply priced. It is lightweight and heats rapidly. The base is about 5.5-inches in diameter and fits nicely on a standard home range gas burner. It is manufactured in Japan.

Important Tips When Using A Teakettle

  • Use the pot over low or medium heat to avoid damaging some parts with excessive heat.
  • The pot should be used on a burner that matches the base of the kettle.
  • It should be placed directly over the center of the burner.
  • Never allow the kettle to boil dry.
  • Never leave empty teapot on a hot surface to avoid discoloration.
  • Avoid over-filling to prevent the pot from spurting hot water.
  • Clean the pot regularly.

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