Bottom Load Water Coolers For Home

Bottom Load Water Coolers For HomeBottom load water coolers for home provide clean cold water throughout the day. In addition, they have also been designed to provide hot or room temperature water. These dispensers make it possible for anyone to prepare instant soups and beverages any time of the day.

The unique bottom loading technology eliminates lifting and flipping of the bottle.

This design usually gives parents the peace of mind and eliminates the fear that many parents have with the top loading design that kids might pull the bottle on themselves.

They are available in different brands and with different features. Some have additional features such as coffee maker or a filtering system included. Most of them are compatible with 3 or 5-gallon bottles.

These coolers are ideal for those with back problems or those who are tired of lifting the huge bottles up and then shoving them into a dispenser. Their free standing design means they can also be used in multiple areas.They can also be used in offices.

The water bottle is easily installed at a low location without any awkward maneuvering and strenuous lifting as is common with top loading coolers.The bottle stays in a bottom cabinet and anyone can replace it when it is empty.This helps in preventing spills especially when loading the cooler

Here are some of the available brands in the market.

Automatic Self Cleaning Cooler

Whirlpool Automatic Self Cleaning CoolerThis Self Cleaning cooler uses ice-chill scientific technology to provide cold-water at 40°F. In addition it also uses thermo-regulator high technology to provide hot-water at 192°F. The hot-water has a safety function to prevent children from burning themselves. It uses both 5-gallon or 3-gallon bottles. The gallon stays hidden at a bottom cabinet.

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It operates quietly and water flows in a fast manner. It is designed to self clean automatically each and every day to prevent any buildup of bacterial biofilm. The front area features an attractive stainless steel design. It also comes with indicator lights and LED nightlights.It also has a stainless steel drip tray.

Costway Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser

This Costway model provides cold water chilled up to 42.8F and hot water heated up to 203F.. It uses 3 gallon or 5 gallon water-bottles. It comes with easy push-button hot and cold controls and dishwasher safe drip trays that are easily removable. It has a child safety lock to prevent kids from accessing hot water control button.It comes with two spouts and also come with off/on switch buttons.

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It has a light that flashes to indicate that the bottle is empty. A led light is included for use at night. It operates quietly and water flows quickly.

Primo Hot and Cold Dispensers

These cold and hot dispensers come in a free standing slim design that is ideal for small spaces. Some are black in color while others have stainless steel design at the front. They feature  2.0 compressor water cooling system. Some have both hot and cold spout, while others have a single spout. They have drip trays that catch any droplets to minimize spillage.
They have switches that turn on and off the cooler and heater allowing you to save energy when it’s not in use. Indicator lights notify you when the dispenser is on, when heating and when to replace the bottle. Useful LED nightlight is available for use in dim conditions. Their bottom loading style makes it easy to load. They are designed to accommodate multiple bottle sizes including round and square shapes. They are Energy Star qualified.


Primo For Tall Pitchers And Bottles

Primo For Tall Pitchers And BottlesThis attractive dispenser is black in color with stainless steel area at the front. This modern look matches with most of the home appliances. It is designed for tall bottles and pitchers. It is Energy Star rated, and uses 25 per cent less amount of energy compared to other old models.

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It dispenses near boiling hot water and icy-cold water. It comes with a child safety latch. You can either use a 4-gallon, a 3-gallon up to 5.2-gallon bottle. It has on/off switch for the cooler and heater. It has a stainless steel drip tray. It comes with spouts or hot ,cold and room temperature water.

Watch the video below on how to use Primo coolers

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