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Stand Alone Trash CompactorIf your desire is to reduce the volume of trash that you have to carry out to the garbage bin every day, owning a Free Standing stand alone trash compactor will do the trick.

Free standing designs are the best options where built-in installation is not possible or convenient. The top area of the standalone units offers a handy workspace be it in your garage or  in your kitchen.

Bottom Load Water Coolers For HomeBottom load water coolers for home provide clean cold water throughout the day. In addition, they have also been designed to provide hot or room temperature water. These dispensers make it possible for anyone to prepare instant soups and beverages any time of the day.

The unique bottom loading technology eliminates lifting and flipping of the bottle.

This design usually gives parents the peace of mind and eliminates the fear that many parents have with the top loading design that kids might pull the bottle on themselves.