Category: Organization

Clawfoot Tub Shower CaddyA Shower caddy is a must-have bathroom accessory for those with clawfoot tubs or any other type of tubs.

They are a great way to organize your necessities such as soaps, shampoo, shavers, sponges or body scrubbers in an appropriate location.

In addition, some of these holders are also designed to hold an Ipad, tablet or magazine.

Tri Fold Picture FrameTri fold picture frames are designed to display more than one photo. The frame can hold a maximum of three pictures allowing you to create a certain theme or to communicate a certain message.

These frames are fitted with directional hinges so that the frame can be folded to form shapes such as zigzag or U shape. Some of them can also be hanged horizontally or vertically on the wall.

Magnetic Picture Frame For RefrigeratorMagnetic picture frames for refrigerator are an attractive way to display your family photos without leaving the fridge door with  a cluttered look.

These frames are a clean and neat way to keep your photos clean and well organized. They also help in protecting the photos and beautifying your fridge door.

Dish Drainer For Small SinksOver Sink & Collapsible Dish drainers for small sinks are ideal for small apartment kitchens with tiny sinks or limited countertop space. They are also good for individuals who don’t have a lot of dishes to dry.

When dishes are not dried properly, moisture usually gets trapped, providing suitable environment where bacteria can grow. These drainers are a natural way to air-dry cups, blender parts, dishes and other utensils. Air-drying utensils has been found to be more sanitary than some of other drying methods.

Silverware Holder For Drawers These silverware cutlery drawer organizer trays are very handy when it comes to organizing cutlery pieces such as spoons, forks or knives.

Silverware should not be stored loosely in a drawer, as pieces can jangle and damage each other.

These holders help in maximizing available space in the drawers and also keeps the silverware from skittering all over the place. They are a great way to help clear clutter in messy kitchen drawers.

Over The Door Spice RackOver the door spice rack pantry organizer offers convenient storage solution in every home.

This hanging design helps to free up areas such as the cabinet and counter top for other use.

Their space saving design makes them ideal for small pantry spaces.

The design makes use of the wasted space at the back of the door.