Copper & Iron Pot And Pan Hanging Rack

Ceiling Mounted Pot And Pan RackCopper & Iron Pot And Pan Hanging Racks are a great way to organize your kitchen and minimize clutter. It is an ideal solution for those with limited kitchen space and those whose cabinets are very small to fit all the pots and pans.

Just like other storage racks,these will also allow you to free up cabinet and counter top space.

They are mounted at the overhead ceiling area so that pots and other utensils can be hanged for easy access. Your utensils will be close at hand and out of the way. You are able to view them clearly and quickly pick what you want.

Cooking becomes convenient and enjoyable with plenty of cabinet and counter space to work on.

These racks are available as large wide racks or as small bars. They come in different shapes, colors and sizes. They are constructed with steel or wooden material.

They are easy to assemble and are great space savers. Some are designed to be mounted with toggles or securing hooks on the dry wall or on ceiling-joists. Others can be mounted by screwing the ceiling hooks on a wooden beam. They should be mounted at a height that will not cause any banging on the head.

It is important to take into consideration the dimensions of the rack, for instance the height, width and depth before purchasing one.

Metallic Large Pot Racks

These racks vary in the amount of weight they can hold. They come in oval, rectangular and octagonal shapes. They feature sturdy steel construction. They come with a variety of finishes including stainless steel, copper, graphite, satin nickel among others.

Once mounted, they are designed to hang from the ceiling. Depending on the height, you might need to use a small chain, in order to lower the rack so that pots can be reached. Mounting hardware and hooks for hanging the utensils on the rack are included with the purchase.

Wrought-Iron Oval Rack

Wrought-Iron Oval RackThis oval shaped rack is made of durable wrought-iron and also has a chrome square center. It is designed to hold 40 lbs. of cookware. The square storage shelf-like area at the center can be used to store lids. This shelf-like area has edges that prevent the lids from slipping off. It has a black matte finish and measures 34.5 by 18.2 by 2 inches.

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It is mounted by screwing the included 4 mounting hooks on the joists or a wooden beam. 4 included chains are used to hang it from the ceiling-hooks. The chains can be used to adjust the height. The pot-hooks have little round ends that stop the hook from coming off when a pan is lifted. All mounting hardware, chains and 12 pot-hooks are included with the purchase. The mounting hardware includes ceiling stud screws, wood screw hooks and anchors.

Wood And Metal Large Racks

These wooden racks with metallic finish are stylish and of high quality. They have a contemporary style that coordinates well with most kitchen decor and cookware. They are constructed with hardwood and feature a metallic grid at the center made of chrome or aluminum material. They come in different shapes and carry different weight. The included mounting hardware, chains and hooks are made of metal.

Single And Double Bar Metal Racks

Apart from providing storage, these bar racks also act as an attractive accent pieces in your kitchen. They are very easy to attach in a joist because they run parallel to the joist. They also take up very minimal space than the larger racks without obscuring anything. They come either as single or double bars. They feature sturdy metal construction. They are easy to install and assemble.

Single Wooden Bars

These single wooden bars are practical yet stylish.They are perfect storage solution for small kitchens. They provide efficient storage for most of your cookware. You can have the bar fixed above the sink so that you can hang your pans and other utensils up to dry while they drip into the sink. They are well made and easy to install. If you are looking for a small rack that doesn’t occupy much space, then these racks will do the trick.

Cooks Standard Single Bar

Cooks Standard Single BarThis single bar is about 36 inches long and about 2 inches wide. It is designed to hang from the ceiling and comes with screw hooks that you screw directly into the joist. It comes with 12 inch chains to suspend it at your preferred height. It is designed to hold 33 lbs. of cookware.

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It comes with 6 hooks for hanging the pots. 4 of the hooks are fixed while 2 of them swivel to allow for different orientation of the cookware for a better fit. The hooks can be adjusted and also easily slide to wherever you want to place them on the bar. The bar is made of wooden material while the hooks and the chain are made of sturdy aluminum.

Use one of these racks to keep your kitchen accessories well organized and convenient.

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