Cheap Hot Tubs For Sale Under $1000

Cheap Hot Tub For Sale Under $1000There are cheap hot tubs available for sale costing less than $1000, for those who are not willing to spend thousands of dollars buying an expensive hot tub.

These affordable hot tubs are as good as the expensive ones.

They come with advanced features to provide first-class relaxation and refreshment as you pamper yourself and your family in heated water.

Soaking yourself in therapeutic warm water usually helps to awaken your senses and also unwind your mind.

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You can set up your unit at the basement, patio or at the backyard. These tubs come in different sizes and shapes.

We review different models available in the market today.

Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii HydroJet Tub

Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii HydroJet TubThis Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii HydroJet Tub is a square-shaped unit. It has been designed to accommodate four to six persons. It delivers invigorating 120 air jets together with 8 powerful hydro jets. This unit is inflatable and also portable. It features durable TriTech construction, quick heating system and easy-to-operate digital control panel. The unit has a maximum heating capability of up to 104 Degree Fahrenheit. It has in-built water softening system for reducing unpleasant effects associated with hard water. It also has in-built Chlorinator to keep the tub water clean and safe. This spa sports a timer function that is integrated on to the heating system. The inflatable top lid is insulating. The floor is cushioned, insulated and soft. The Leatheroid exterior cover features dual-lock clips for securing the tub. This model comes with two handles for easy lifting and a drain valve.

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The inflated tub measures 28-inches tall by 71-inches across. Its water capacity is about 210 gallons when 80% full. Its filled weight is about 2,722 pounds. The power cable is about 7 meters long. A bubble mat, pressure gauge, filter cartridge and a chemical floater for keeping the tub clean is included. A DVD with setup directions is also included. It has a handy onboard storage slot, for keeping salt, chemicals, and other cleaning accessories. This model runs on 120V.
Watch the video below to see how this model operates.

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Intex 79in PureSpa Deluxe Set

Intex 79in PureSpa Deluxe SetThis Intex 79in PureSpa Deluxe Set comes in a stylish octagon-shape. It can accommodate up to four adults. It features puncture-resistant, fiber-Tech construction in order to enhance the stability of the structure and provide comfort. This unit delivers 120 bubble jets and 4 adjustable, powerful message jets. This spa comes with a heating system, filtration system and in-built saltwater sanitation system. The water temperature ranges from 68 to 104 degree Fahrenheit. It has ingrained hard-water treatment system to soften the water and prevent build-up of hard water.

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The insulated cover is fitted with a lock to enhance safety and minimize heat loss. The floor is comfortable and padded. The filtration system makes use of 2 cartridges, so that when one cartridge is dirty, the second cartridge can do the filtering. The control panel is easy to use and helps in activating different functions. The grab handles come in handy when moving the unit. Other accessories included are; an inflation hose, chlorine dispenser, 2 filter cartridges and insulated ground cloth for thermal retention. An included bag provides handy storage and easy portability. The exterior inflated size is about 79 inches across and 28 inches tall. The inflated size of interior diameter is 59 inches. This unit holds about 210 gallons of water.

Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Tub

Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs TubThis Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Tub is a spacious unit able to accommodate four up to six adults. It comes with luxurious features such as a premium leather texture and appearance including mellow-color palette. It is easy to set up both outdoors and indoors. It delivers soothing massage jets. The cushioned air pad floor helps with insulation. The walls of the unit feature durable I-Beam chambers reinforced with 3-ply Tri-Tech material. This unit features water filtration system, digital control pump and massage bubble-jet system.

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The maximum heating capability is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This unit runs on 110v and the power cord is 10 feet long. This tub holds about 254 gallons of water. It weighs 2701 pounds when filled with water. The inflated unit measures 77-inches across and 28 inches tall. It comes with an insulating ground sheet for placing underneath the unit to minimize loss of heat. The easy-to-use control panel features temperature adjusting function, a LED display, lock & unlock button, heat and massage activation feature. It has a cover to help maintain the temperature. The cover has easy fastening clips for added safety. It comes with two filter cartridges, a chemical floater and DVD with instructions on how to set up the unit. It is a portable design and weighs about 94.9 pounds when not inflated.

M Spa Model B-130 Unit

M Spa Model B-130 UnitThis M Spa B-130 Model is constructed with tough synthetic leather with high quality i-beam wall construction. The interior features laminated PVC material. Its water capacity is 184 gallons. It sports a bubble massage system and delivers 115 air jets. It has been designed to accommodate up to four adults. Its inflatable PVC floor is soft, padded and silver in color. A top zippered cover featuring heat-retaining foil is included to help reduce heat loss. It comes with an in-built heater and the maximum water temperature is 42°Celsius. It features a control panel with advanced features and digital controls. A safety digital lock helps to prevent any unsupervised use. This model has a self-drainage system and an insulating Inflatable bladder for heat preservation. This model heats up very well and also maintains the temperature well.

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The weight of the hot tub when not inflated is 70.5 pounds while the weight when filled with water is 1834 pounds. This B-130 unit is black in color with a silver ring that runs along the exterior bottom. This unit is self inflating and runs on 100 volts. A heat preservation ground cover mat is also included to prevent heat loss. This unit also comes with a manometer for testing and adjusting air pressure. Two filter cartridges are also included. It is ideal for both indoor and outside use.