Cheap Hot Tubs Under $500

Cheap Hot Tubs Under $500A cheap hot tub costing under $500 has almost the same features as high end units.

Such hot tubs usually provide the perfect environment to soak your sore muscles as you unwind after a stressful working day. You can also set the tub as a romantic and luxurious treat to pamper yourself, your friends or partner.

You can set the hot-tub either indoors or outdoors on a level-flat, smooth surface. When installing indoors ensure there is adequate ventilation and proper drainage system to allow moisture and water to escape.

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Most of these units are portable and ideal for those who are on the go. They come with different seating capacity as some of them can accommodate 2 up to 4 or 6 adults.

They are available in different shapes, for instance there are those that are round while others are octagon shaped.

Here are some of the readily available models available today.

Intex 77in PureSpa Set

Intex 77in PureSpa SetIntex 77in PureSpa Set can accommodate up to 4 people. It is round in shape and constructed with durable, puncture-resistant material. The interior features enhanced strong, lightweight fibers providing structural stability. It comes with in-built hard-water treatment system to prevent buildup of hard water on the spa and also makes the water soft and gentle on the skin. The water capacity is 210 gallons. Water temperature ranges from 68 to 104 degree Fahrenheit.

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The cover is insulated to reduce heat loss. A lock is included as added safety feature. It also comes with a 1300 watt heater and is designed to deliver 120 high-powered bubble jets. The bottom is comfy, padded and textured to avoid slippage. The filter pump uses two cartridges at any given time so that when the first cartridge becomes dirty, there is another one for water to filter through. It has a control panel that is easy to use when activating different features. It is fitted with grab handles for convenience and comfort when moving the set. Other accessories include an inflation hose, two filter cartridges, thermal ground cloth, three-way test strip and pool chlorine floating dispenser. A carry-bag is also included for portability and handy storage. Setting up the spa is an easy task. It is very easy to refill, drain and maintain. The outer inflated size is 77 inches across and 28 inches tall.

Coleman Lay-Z-Spa Unit

Coleman Lay-Z-Spa UnitThis Coleman Lay-Z-Spa in an inflatable round unit with a seating capacity of up to 4 to 6 adults. It has a water capacity of about 254 gallons when it is 80 per cent full. It is fitted with a digitalized control panel featuring start & stop automatic timer for controlled heating system. The outer side is puncture resistant and made from fabric-coated material. The walls are rigid and feature sturdy beam construction so that users can lean on the sides without the unit buckling or bending.

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The insulated cover features an aluminum foil coating that keeps the water warm. The unit is fitted with a suitable drain valve. The floor is cushioned, soft and comes with bubble-wrap type of liner. It has a ring with many tiny holes around the bottom interior edge. When the spa is turned on, air is forced at great pressure through the ring, and it blasts out through the holes, to deliver bubbles for a great massage. The inflated size is 77 inches across and 28 inches tall. It plugs into 120V and runs quietly. It heats up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and features a rapid heating system. It comes with an inflation hose and a filtration system. Its unfilled weight is 89 pounds, while filled weight is about 2,701 pounds. It comes with a 12.5 feet long power cord. It comes with a setup DVD, chemical floater and a repair patch. It is easy to assemble and maintain. When not in use especially during summer, it can be deflated for compact storage.

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub is designed to hold 4-6 persons. This unit is portable and also inflatable. It is constructed with high quality, weather-resistant material. It delivers soothing massage bubble jets. The maximum water heating capability is 104 Degree F. The digital easy-to-use control panel sports a LED display, temperature adjustment feature, water filtration feature, lock/unlock button, both massage and heat activation feature.

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Its heating system usually heats up quickly and safely. A drain plug is fitted on the unit for draining purpose. The bottom is thick, padded and soft. The outer walls are rayon-coated which gives the unit a stylish look. It comes with a cover that is inflatable with Velcro tie down straps to hold it down. This cover helps in maintaining the water temperature. A chemical floater to keep the unit clean, an inflation hose and a cushioned bubble-wrap mat is also included. The package also comes with filter cartridge and DVD with directions on how to maintain and setup the unit. It inflates and sets up quickly. This unit holds 254 gallons of water. The inflated tub measures 77-inches in diameter by 28inches in height. Its unfilled weight is 70 pounds, while filled weight is about 2701 pounds. The power cord is about 10 feet long. It runs on standard 110v outlet.

Lay-Z-Spa Paris Unit

Lay-Z-Spa Paris UnitThis Lay-Z-Spa Paris Unit is a large hot tub that is able to accommodate up to 6 persons. This unit comes with a unique LED lighting system featuring 7 different colors ranging from heavenly-blues to romantic-reds. This unit comes with a wireless remote to allow you to change from one color to another. This model has a total of 87 all-surrounding massage air jets. It heats water up to 40 degrees Celsius. The lid at the top is inflatable and insulating.

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The Leatheroid outer cover is puncture-resistant and comes with dual-lock safety clips to help protect the unit. The floor is soft, cushioned and insulated. This Paris model is easy to set up and inflate. It comes with a filter cartridge, set up DVD and chemical floater. It also has a quick draining system. The inflated spa measures 77-inches by 26-inches. Its water capacity is about 250 gallons. When filled with water this model weighs 2,678 pounds. The unit runs on 120V.
Watch video below and see how this Paris model operates.

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