Decorative Sticks For Vases

Decorative sticks for vases are an attractive alternative to costly fresh flowers. Just like any other home decorative accessories, these branches usually liven up dull doorways, tabletops and even dark floor corners.

Decorative sticks help in adding that stunning touch to your living room and other areas.

In addition scented stems such as eucalyptus also fill the room with nice scent.

They are available in the market as fresh-cut or as dried branches. These stems come with interesting twists and turns that add an ideal touch to any room. Some of them come with dried flowers.

Some of the commonly used dried branches are curly willows, eucalyptus, Ting-Ting and birch stems. They can be used in many shapes and sizes of vases ranging from medium-sized table vases to tall floor vases.

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Apart from being used indoors, they can also be used as part of outdoor decorations in gala events, weddings or other festivities.

Dried Curly Willow Stems

Dried curly willow stems are available throughout the year. They make a great addition to any centerpiece arrangement in the house or outdoors events such as weddings. They are flexible with a gnarled and twisted look. Their length is about 3 or 4 ft. Those that are freshly harvested are green in color but dry to shades of gold and brown. They can be displayed in shallow pots or large floor vases. Most of them are complemented with lilies that are made from dried leaves.

Green Floral Dried Curly Willow

These curly willow stems come in different sizes ranging from 3 feet to 6 feet tall.

They come in different colors and available as a bunch of 8 to 10 stems.

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They are separated at the bottom for easier arrangement.

They are ideal as filler with flowers or by themselves in a large living room.

They are attractive and have fine scent.

Curly Ting-Ting

Curly Ting-Ting has straight stems at the bottom while the top is very curly. They are used as an accent to soften floral arrangement with rigid or straight stems. They can also be used on their own to provide an elegant appearance. They are available in natural and different sparkle colors. These colors usually bring a festive mood to any occasion. These stems are ideal for celebrations.

Birch Branches

Birch branches are tough and straight. They are available in different colors. They fit in any atmosphere and are ideal for use throughout the year. Since they are very versatile, they compliment well with most decor. They usually create an alluring ambiance especially when used indoors. Snowy white branches generally add charm and warmth of nature when used in table centerpieces. When used as part of wedding decor, the stems can be painted in order to go with the color scheme of the wedding.

Natural Birch Branches & Star Lilies

These natural birch branches come with stunning copper colored star lilies that are made from dry leaves.

The branches are 3 to 4 feet tall. They can be displayed in a vase or a container.

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The lateral side branches can be cut and arranged around the edge of a vase in order to add volume. Each pack has 9 to 10 pieces with a pack of lily flowers.

Preserved Eucalyptus branches and leaves

Eucalyptus branches and leaves are usually preserved in order to retain their fragrance and color. Eucalyptus is ideal for living room, bathroom and shower areas because of its clean, relaxing and fresh scent. They can be blended together with other branches to form beautiful centerpieces and room focal points. They come in green, red and blue colors.

These branches are usually displayed on their own in a vase, or used in a floral arrangement to add filler and height. You can also use multiple complementary branches that create a nice shape in one vase.

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