Large Floor Cushion Seating – Sitting Pillows For Floor

Floor Cushion Seating Large Floor cushion seating provides comfort, convenience, and elegance both indoors and outdoors. Sitting Pillows and cushions for floor are comfortable additional soft furnishings for any seating area.

It is always beautiful and pleasing to furnish your home using floor seating furniture as it makes your room beautiful and portrays a stylish and comfortable way to seat.

They provide means to accommodate additional seating needs in the house providing comfort to your family and visitors. You can use them when watching TV, when sitting around the fireplace or when playing video games.

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They beautify the house and also blend stylistically with the space and arrangement of other house furnishings. They are not only a fun way to add color, but they are highly useful as alternative reading or sleeping area.

The fact that they are very portable means you can use them across many rooms in your home.

Cushion seating on the floor is not limited to residential usage alone, but it is also highly useful in offices, daycare centers, playrooms, pre-schools and even dorm rooms. They are perfect for kids, college students and teens.

They are also great space savers especially if you have limited space, as you just need to stack them together when not in use in order to preserve the floor space.

These seating cushions are made of soft materials and come with very fun styles and colors.

Some of them come with plain designs and different shapes. Some are even hand stitched.They range from round to square designs. They come in small, medium and large sizes.

Oversized Floor Pillow

Oversized Floor Pillow This attractive Oversized floor cushion is a throw pillow ideal for all occasions and also perfect for every room. It is made in the USA. It is filled with Polyfiber ultra-soft fills. It comes with a removable zippered cover made of 95 percent polyester and 5 percent linen material.

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It measures 54-inch long by 44-inch wide by 15-inch height. Its oversized size is adequate for an adult to lounge.The cover is machine washable. The cover is available in different colors.

Seating Poufs

These soft handmade poufs come in attractive colors and some have beautiful embroidery. They are firm, and do not squish down after even sitting on them.

They are lightweight, therefore easier to get them out of the way when not in use.

Perfect for use in small rooms with limited space.They can also be used as as side tables or as footstools.

Squared Cushions Ideal For Yoga and Meditation exercises

If you love cushions that come with a square shape, the following will make a great addition to any home. You can use them for lounging or additional seating.

They are also perfect for Yoga and Meditation exercises.

They are available in a variety of colours and patterns.

Home Organic Circles Yellow Cushion

Home Organic Circles Yellow Cushion This attractive cushion measures 22 inches by 24 inches by 5-inches.

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It comes with a stylish pattern and durable colorful fabric that makes it ideal for every season. It is available in other colors and patterns.

It is made of organic cotton and perfect for both outdoor as well as indoor use.You can use it as a floor seat or as a pet bed.

Round Shaped Pillows

Get a quick and comfortable seating in your home with one of these round floor pillows. Enjoy their support and comfort.

They will also add style and also enhance your own decor.

Round Meditation Pillow

Round Meditation PillowThis Round Meditation pillow features an organic cotton cover filled with buckwheat hulls. The cover features a hidden full zipper. This pillow comes with a handle for easier portability. The cover is removable and washable.

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Available in different sizes, colors and designs. The buckwheat fills are contained in a pouch inside.It is sturdy and tough. The embroidery on top is attractive. This pillow holds its shape very well.

REEHUT Zafu Meditation Cushion

REEHUT Zafu Meditation CushionREEHUT Zafu Meditation Cushion features an ergonomic round design to relieve stress on your back and hips. It is stuffed with buckwheat fillers contained in an inner pouch. The outer zippered cover is made of cotton-hemp fabric material.

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This cushion comes in different colors, sizes and styles. It maintains its shape very well. It is fitted with a carrying handle. The cover is machine washable. You can adjust the height by removing the buckwheat fillers.

Cushions with Carry Handle

These cushions come with an easy to grab carrying handle that has been sewn on one edge. They are versatile as you just need to pick up and carry to the next room.

The handle makes it easy to rearrange them and even carry around. You will get them in numerous patterns and shades.

Kids Cushions

You will agree with me that your kids will definitely enjoy these colorful, bright, and comfy seating cushions whether in their bedroom, TV room or gameroom.

They are made with soft and strong material. Some are covered with vinyl material that is phthalate-free and others with hypoallergenic polyester fiber.

They are available in varied colors to fit either boys or girls rooms.

Daisy Flower Pillows
Daisy Flower PillowsThese cute cushions are available in purple, pink and green colors. They are so comfy, fluffy and soft.

They are sturdy as floor pillows as they do retain their shape well.

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They are made of very soft fabric that is stain resistant and machine washable.

Their colorful design is ideal for kid’s room and can also be used as throw pillows.

You will get them in small, medium and large sizes.

Outdoor Pillows

These large pillows are designed to withstand outdoor environmental conditions. They are filled with shredded foam and their polyester cover fabric is mildew, stain & fade resistant with UV protection.

They are easy to clean as you just need to spot clean them using water mild and detergent, and then air dry them.

Great for use at the patio, deck and pool area.

Furnishing your house with floor seating cushions is very important regardless of the size of your room. Their importance cannot be underestimated as they are one of the most popular form of alternative seating in most homes.

They are an affordable and easy way to decorate and make your room appear attractive.

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