Best Lap Tables & Food Trays For Eating In Bed

Lap Table For EatingLap tables for eating are functional and very convenient for those looking out to have their meals while seated on their recliner sofas, the floor or on the bed.

These lap trays will definitely allow you to enjoy your meal anywhere in your home even when watching television. They serve as daily-living-aids for the sick, aged and the elderly.

In addition, they can also be used as writing and laptop desks, as holders for crafts or decorative items in the house.

They come in various sizes, shapes, design and colors. Some have legs that can be folded for compact storage after use, others have drawers, while others have easy to grip handles. Some have cup holders, adjustable tops and decorative art work. Most of them are made with solid pine or bamboo type of wood. Others are made of plastic and metal material.

They are designed with adequate room to hold everything you need within reach for any meal such as cups, plates, napkin and cutlery. They are lightweight, easier to keep clean and to carry around.

Decorative Designs

If you are looking for decorative serving tables for your home, here are some to choose from. They are made of solid wood and are hand painted. They come in elegant artistic designs and colors.They have sturdy handles at both sides.

You can also use them as laptop desks. They have folding legs for compact storage. They are lovely gift items.

Bed-Tray Wooden Black and Gold Bee DesignBed-Tray Wooden Black and Gold Bee DesignpriceBreakfast-Tray set Breakfast-Tray set priceMultipurpose Clear Acrylic Breakfast-TrayMultipurpose Clear Acrylic Breakfast-Trayprice







Trays with Folding Legs

The following wooden tables have legs that fold completely and remain hidden underneath. Because of this feature, they can also be used flat serving trays. The sides are high enough to keep glasses, plates and bowls from spilling off.

In addition, they have carry handles that make it easier to transport from room to room. They are easier to keep clean by wiping with a damp cloth. It is also very simple to keep them out of the way when not in use. They come with different type of finishes.

Winsome-Wood Curved Side StyleWinsome-Wood Curved Side StylepriceBamboo Folding with Handles Bamboo Folding with Handles priceWinsome-Wood with Curved TopWinsome-Wood with Curved Topprice







Winsome Wooden Tray With Foldable Legs

Winsome Wooden Tray With Foldable LegsThis winsome wooden tray is very sturdy and also large enough to hold a lot of items. It measures 14 inch by 22 inch wide across the top. The legs spread out about 7.75 inches outward from the base of the table. It has a white laminated board that is smooth, water resistant and easy to wipe clean. It is constructed with solid beautiful wood. The legs fold completely for it to be used as a table-tray and for easy storage. The legs are solid and not flimsy.

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It has built-in upright carved handles on both sides for easy serving and also makes it easy to move the tray. It is reasonably priced and of high quality. It has a natural finish and can be used for a variety of activities.

Colorful Plastic Tables

These tables are made with sturdy plastic material. They provide a durable, level surface for eating. They have recessed cup holders so that drinks do not spill. They have partitioned areas for cutlery. They fold easily after use. They are also very portable and can be used during children activities or during beach outings. They are easy to use and to keep clean. They are ideal for use in small spaces. Available in a variety of colors.

Portable Plastic TrayPortable Plastic Tray priceFold-Away Tray-TableFold-Away Tray-TablepriceIkea Bed TrayBed Trayprice







Bamboo Lap Trays For Eating

If you are looking for a table that possesses stability, strength and hardness, then get one of these designs made of bamboo wood. Natural bamboo is light-colored and the most sustainable type of wood. It is also eco-friendly and able to withstand everyday use without getting damaged. It doesn’t shrink or swell due to weather changes. Some of these trays have raised edges to prevent spillage and also comes with comfortable handles . The legs fold easily for convenient storage.

Home Basics Bed-Tray Home Basics Bed-Trayprice Folding Lap Desk For Bed Serving Folding Lap Desk For Bed ServingpriceFolding Serving/Bed-TrayFoldingServing/Bed-Trayprice







Adjustable Bamboo Serving-Tray with Drawer

Adjustable Bamboo Serving- Tray with DrawerThis adjustable table with drawer can be used as serving tray or as a working desk. The main top surface tilts up and adjusts easily to several positions. It has a small convenient pull-out drawer on the side and is nicely hidden underneath when not in use. It is made of thick bamboo with a glossy smooth finish.

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It is lightweight with adjustable legs that are useful for different uses.It measures 21.5 inches by 13.75 inches. It has a height of about 9.5 inches It comes assembled and the legs fold completely underneath when not in use. It is very sturdy and firm. It is also very easy to carry from one room to another.


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