Lift Top Coffee Tables With Storage

Lift Top Coffee Table

Lift top coffee tables with storage brings convenience, comfort and elegance to your home. Instead of leaning over in order to reach a low table, make use of a table with a top that has a mechanism to lift up, to a height that does not strain your back.

A large amount of these height adjustable tables come with perfect height ideal for many purposes such as dining, as a work area for mobile computing, and even for your craft work.

These lift top cocktail tables provide a comfy way to serve refreshments with tea pots of coffee pots, and also allow you to easily sit and relax comfortably when leaning your arms on the top. In addition, you can also use the top surface to arrange your flowers or a bowl of fruits and transform your dull room into something natural and inviting.

This versatile type of furniture can also be used in offices and business centers. A good number of them have storage compartments underneath, where you can store different items instead of having a cluttered room.

coffee table that lifts upMost of this type of furniture is ideal for those with limited space and those who would like an extra storage or working area.

They are made from wood such as oak, walnut and maple with accents of marble, glass, or metal. They are available in different finishes such as black, white, espresso, cherry among others.

They come in different shapes for instance oval, pie shaped, round or rectangular. Round shaped have smooth corners that are not sharp and are therefore ideal for those with pets and children. Pie shaped tables are perfect for those with sectional sofas. Rectangular shapedare ideal for those who prefer contemporary modern style.

Lift Up Table With Storage Compartments

The following tables come with hidden storage section under the top surface. The top normally lifts up to reveal a roomy compartment where you can store magazines, books, TV remote controls, pens, and more. You can also organize toys and games out of sight and off the floor.

Get one of these and use it to keep things out of reach of children especially if you have kids who like scattering whatever they come across.

Tables With Open Shelves

These are perfect pieces of furniture for any living room. They are designed with open shelves for additional display and storage. You can use the shelf to display your ornamental items or to store your books and magazines.

In addition, some have drawers where you can hide some of your household items such as hobby supplies or other unsightly messes.

Sauder Carson Forge With Lift Top

Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee TableThis sturdy lift-top design is ideal for small spaces. It comes with ample storage beneath the lift up top and on the open shelves. This wooden table constructed in the USA comes with Washington cherry finish with wrought iron accents & hardware.

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The lift up top works well and can support up to to 2 laptops, and for those who like dining while watching TV, it can accommodate meals for 2 persons. It is convenient and very functional. It measures 43.2 inches long by 19.4 inches deep by 19 inches in height. When the top has been lifted up, it measures 29 inches in height by 25 inches in depth.

Black Lift-Top Coffee Table

You will agree with me that any furniture with a black finish usually blends well with different home decor styles. Black grounds well and gives depth to bright color schemes in a room. Black also creates a magnificent palette for other colors.

Black is also great if you have children as it does not show spills like other finishes.

If you have a neutral color theme in your home, you can choose one of these to complement other accessories.

Sauder Edge With Black Finish
Sauder Edge Table Estate Black FinishThis attractive design comes in an estate black finish. This design has a top that lifts up and forward towards you, providing a comfortable working surface. It has hidden storage beneath and its top is sturdy, not flimsy and you can use it as a TV tray or a workspace. The open cubby shelves provide additional storage.

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It measures 19.4 inches in depth by 41.1 inches long by 19 inches in height. When the top is extended, it measures 24 ¾ inches in height, an ideal height when sitting on the couch and eating and also the right height to do your laptop work.

What To Consider When Choosing The Ideal Design With A Lift Top

Your Interior Design Style

It is important to take into consideration your home or office interior theme, before picking the ideal furniture. Do you want a contemporary, minimalist, classical or art design. What type of material is appropriate for your particular theme? Factor in the appropriate finish, texture or accents that will blend well with your overall style and with the rest of the decor and furniture in the room.


Pick what fits within your budget but ensure it is functional, sturdy and long-lasting.

Size And Shape

Ensure that what you choose is the right size and shape for the intended space.Choose a design that will adjust to your preferred height and one that will be convenient for your guests. If you intend to move the furniture from one area to another when entertaining, it is always advisable to choose a coffee table with casters.

The Intended Function

Take into consideration how you intend to use your furniture. Are you looking for a desk like furniture? Do you prefer one with storage or without? If looking for one with storage, would you prefer open or hidden compartments?

So go ahead and enhance the look of your room and transform it with one of the above lift-top coffee tables.

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