Magnetic Picture Frames For Refrigerator

Magnetic Picture Frame For RefrigeratorMagnetic picture frames for refrigerator are an attractive way to display your family photos without leaving the fridge door with  a cluttered look.

These frames are a clean and neat way to keep your photos clean and well organized. They also help in protecting the photos and beautifying your fridge door.

You can use the framework to display your friends’ photos, pictures of any special event including those of your pets. You can hang the pictures vertically or horizontally on the upper or lower part of the fridge door or on any metal cabinet.

These picture holders are made with clear acrylic and plastic material at the front and a magnetic back that is slam-proof so that photos don’t shift when the fridge is opened or closed.

They come in different sizes. Some are designed to hold only one picture while those that are designed as collage frames usually accommodate a number of them.

These magnetic picture frames help in displaying your photos in an organizer manner.

Here are some of the top rated frames available at

Wind and Sea Magnetic Picture-Frame Collage

Wind and Sea Magnetic Picture-Frame CollageThis collage frame comes as a magnetic sheet with a plastic cover at the front. Each sheet holds five of any 4 by 6-inch photos. One pack comes with 2 frames each measuring 11 by 14 inches. The frame has a full, slam proof, flexible strong magnetic backing. The background is black.

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You can be able to change or add pictures even when attached on the refrigerator through its front loading pocket. It is very easy to set up and is ideal for black, white or sateen fridges.

Magtech Photo Pockets

Magtech Photo PocketsThis Magtech photo pockets have a clear, UV coated cover at the front. The UV coating helps in protecting photos from fluorescent lighting and sunlight. The back  is fully magnetized. These pockets are made with soft plastic material but with a tight fit that holds the pictures securely in position. The background is white in color.

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Each pack has 10 pockets and each of them holds 4 inch by 6 inch photos. Each pocket has two openings at the sides making it easy to insert or remove pictures.

Freez-A-Frame Value Pack

Freez-A-Frame Value PackThis Freez-A-Frame value pack comes with a total of six frames in a pack. 4 frames each 4 by 6-inch in size and 2 frames each 5-inch by 7-inch in size. They come as soft bendable plastic sleeves with a fully magnetized back that doesn’t slip. The background is white in color.

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The frame is sealed on its 3 sides but has an opening at the top or bottom long edge. The photos are easy to insert in the clear pockets. Photos usually slip in easily inside the pockets since they are a little over-sized.Perfect for use with digital photos.

Fridgemag Collage Frame

Fridgemag Collage FrameThis Fridgemag collage frame has a clear, single plexiglas cover with a white background. The frame has two magnetic strips at the back about 1.5 inches wide running on two sides at the top and bottom area. The strips are strong enough and usually stay in place.

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This large frame measures 16 inch by 14 inch. It is able to accommodate 12 to 15 photos sized 4 by 6 inches. It keeps photos well organized.

10 Piece Set Fridge-Frames

10 Piece Set Fridge-FramesThis 10 piece set has a variety of sizes. It includes 2 that are 3.5 by 5-inch size each, 4 that are 4 by 6 inch each and 4 others that are 2.25 by 3.25 inches each. They are made of plastic material and have a plastic cover. The magnet is centered at the back. These frames are open on three sides.

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They are well made and usually keep pictures well protected from fingerprints. The background is black in color. They have a nice black border that gives an elegant look.

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