Top Rated Over The Door Spice Racks

Over The Door Spice RackOver the door hanging spice racks offer convenient storage solution in every home. This hanging design helps to free up areas such as the cabinet and counter top for other use.

Their space saving design makes them ideal for small spaces. The design makes use of the wasted space at the back of the door.

These racks are fitted with hooks that hang from the door top. Some can also be screwed into the wall or the door. Some of them have flexible wire-style shelving systems, while others have basket shelves to hold the containers.

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They come in different heights and some of them can be adjusted to fit various spaces.They should be fitted on the pantry or kitchen doors away from heat from food cooking equipment such as microwaves. They can also be wall-mounted in your kitchen so that it is easeir to grab a container.

You should store the spices side by side in a single row so that they are all visible. Those that are used frequently should be stored within reach at the middle section for easy access without bending or trying to reach.

Here are some of the top rated designs available in the market today.

8-Tier Adjustable Wall and Door Rack

8-Tier Adjustable Wall and Door RackThis is a ventilated wire rack that accommodates short and tall bottles. It has hangers for hanging over-the-door and also comes with wood screws to secure the rails on the wall or the door. It has 8 shelves that you can adjust to exactly the configuration you need. It measures 18 inch wide and is 77.5 inches tall. The shelves are 4.5 inches deep and 17 inch wide.

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Its outer edges are well designed to help keep items on the rack. It is solid, easy to install and gives plenty of extra storage space. It comes with extra wire guards to keep the items from toppling forward.

6 Shelf Basket Rack

6 Shelf Basket RackThis basket rack is constructed with vinyl covered steel. It has 6 shelves to help organize all the jars and containers. The shelves are about 5 inches deep and 19-inch wide. It comes as 2 units, each with 3 shelves that can be used together or separately. It comes with two wire connectors to join the two units together.

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It has 2 hooks to go over the top of the door. The whole rack covers a width of 19 inches and is 5 feet tall. It is sturdy and very easy to set up.It is ideal for tall spice bottles and containers. It also comes with screws to secure it more firmly.

Adjustable 5 Shelf Organizer

Adjustable 5 Shelf OrganizerThis 5 shelf white organizer comes with over-the-door hangers that secure it firmly. In addition you can make use of command hooks to help hold it firmly. It comes with fasteners and screws for wall mounting. The shelves have side walls so that small items do not slip off.

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It is easy to assemble and comes in a sturdy design. The shelves are easily adjustable even after being assembled. It features sturdy steel construction. It covers a width of 16.5 to 17 inches.

Overdoor 6-Basket Unit

Overdoor 6-Basket UnitThis 6 basket unit is designed to hang over-the-door. It assembles easily and no tools are required. It is 19 inches wide and is 59 inches in height. It comes with two flat metal hooks for hanging at the top of the pantry-door.

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The baskets are fixed but detachable and about 3 inches deep. These baskets hold all kinds of jars, small or large, tall or short. The baskets are made of sturdy plastic material and the rods are made of metal. The unit is light weight but sturdy.

Get one of the above organizers and keep your spice-jars and other small items neatly organized and clearly visible at any time.

Panacea 8 Adjustable Shelf Organizer

This Panacea Organizer comes with a total of eight shelves. The shelves are adjustable according to the height required to store items of varying height. Six of the shelves are shallow measuring 2-inch deep. Two of the shelves are deep measuring 3-inch deep. All the shelves have a lip at the front. It is constructed with white powder coated steel. This organizer can be mounted over a pantry door using included door hooks. It can also be mounted to a wall or a door.

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Its dimensions are 76-inches high by 17.5-inches wide and 6.5-inches deep. The rack has 2 main rails where the shelves usually hook onto the rails. It has two brackets for stabilizing tall cans, bottles and jars. This unit is easy to put together. This rack can be adjusted to fit both large or small doors. Screws and all mounting hardware are included.

ClosetMaid Door Rack

This ClosetMaid Door Organizer is an adjustable wire rack. This organizer comes with eight shelves for storing and organizing your items. It is lightweight and well ventilated. This rack can be hung over the door and can also be mounted on the wall using  screws and drywall anchors. The shelves can be adjusted to accommodate both small or tall storage containers. This rack is made of wire and Epoxy coated metal.

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This rack measurements are 5.2-inch deep by 18-inch in width by 77 inches in height. Installation is easy. It is white in color. Both door and wall mounting hardware is included. This rack is multi-functional and can be used to organize your household items in other rooms.

This rack features a sturdy design.

8-Tier Rack Organizer

This 8-Tier Rack Organizer is ideal for kitchen and pantry organization. This is an adjustable and multipurpose storage rack. It comes with a total of 8 baskets. It helps in storing and organizing different sizes of spice jars. You can easily re-position the baskets to accommodate small and tall jars. The rails on the side are made of metal. The shelves are deep enough for large items. There is close wire spacing on the baskets that keeps items from tilting.

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This rack measurements are 5.2-inch deep by 18-inch in width by 77 inches in height. You can mount it over the door or on the wall.  Both wall and door mounting hardware comes included with the rack. This organizer is very easy to install. This rack is a must have for additional storage especially those with small pantry.

Household Essentials 6-Tier Basket

This Household Essentials organizer is available as a 6-Tier basket and as a 3 tier basket. This organizer has 2 sets of hooks designed to fit over residential and commercial doors. It comes with plastic spacers at the top and additional plastic feet at the bottom to stabilize the rack and to protect your door. This is a multipurpose rack that can be used on all doors in the bedroom, bathroom, Kitchen entryway and closet areas. The frame is made of sturdy steel frame.

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Its measurements are 57-inches high, 19.25-inches wide, and 6.25-inches deep. Each basket holds 11 lbs. It is available in 3 dynamic colors – Cherry red, Lime green and bright orange. This organizer assembles easily and snaps together in just 5 minutes. It fits together with snap locks. It is very sturdy and attractive. It accommodates both tall and smaller items.

Lavish Home Closet 6-Shelves Organizer

Pro-Mart Dazz 5-Tier OrganizerThis This 6-shelve organizer is available in both large and small sizes. The large size has 6 shelves while the smaller one has 2 shelves. The shelves vary in their size as some are extra deeper than the others. It is designed to hang on a standard interior door. It is a sturdy design made of plastic-coated rustproof metal.

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This organizer is lightweight and ideal for small spice jars and seasoning packets. It comes with 2 steel brackets at the top that fit over-the-door. You can make use of additional command hooks that grasp onto the rack to keep it from banging when the door is opened. The large size is 17 inches in width with a height of 62 inches.

What To Consider When Buying A Spice Rack

Type Of Rack

An Over The Door Spice Rack is usually a great space saver and ideal for areas with limited space. A wall mounted rack is perfect for large rooms and also ideal for homeowners looking for a permanent storage solution.

Number of Shelves Or Baskets

A large unit with multiple shelves works well for homeowners with a wide range of spices. Smaller racks are ideal for those with minimal jars and cans.

Ease of Assembly

Check for units that are easy to assemble with very minimal hardware and without the need of a professional.


Racks that are made of metal are sturdier and durable compared to plastic designs.

Adjustable Shelves

A rack with adjustable shelves or baskets can easily be customized to fit both large or small jars or cans.


Choose anappropriate color that will perfectly work well with your pantry or kitchen color.

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