Over The Sink Shelf Organizers For Kitchen And Bathroom Counters

Over The Sink Shelf

If you want an organized counter area whether in the kitchen or bathroom then you should purchase an over the sink shelf.

These space saving organizers helps to put an end to an entire window sill or counter clutter.

These over the faucet shelves offer convenient storage space and are designed to organize items at an affordable price.

They also provide extra storage space on a counter near food cooking equipment where such space is lacking.

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Most of them come in a space-saving design, as you just need to place them behind the faucets over the back of the sink. Once you have a correct fitting shelf, it does not interfere with faucet movement.

You can also use them as shelves on top of your dresser to organize your hair clips, nail polish, perfumes, and others.

They are constructed of material such as wood including Bamboo, oak or pine; others are made of wire, chrome and metal such as bronze.

Over The Sink Dish drying racks

Dish drying racks keeps the kitchen well organized and very orderly. Drying dishes becomes an easier and a quick process.

These drainers are great space savers and help to free up the counter space. Perfect for those with small kitchens that has limited counter space.

Stainless steel and metallic designs will spice up your kitchen with their attractive look. Use the racks to organize cups, plates, pots, glasses, cutting boards, bowls and cutlery. They will keep utensils in a clean state without taking up your counter-top or sink space.

They are ideal for every kitchen in your home or office.

Xue-Shelf Dish Drainer Rack

Xue-Shelf Dish Drainer RackThis Xue-shelf Dish Drainer is a large 2-tier rack. It is black in color. You can use it to organize your kitchen counter and also to dry your dishes and utensils. It is sturdy and features premium quality 201 stainless steel construction.

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Its dimensions are 65 by 32 by 52cm in size. It comes with a cutting board holder, a knife holder, utensil holder, hooks for hanging towels and serving spoons.

iSPECLE Large Dish Rack

This Xue-shelf Dish Drainer is a large 2-tier rack. It is black in color. You can use it to organize your kitchen counter and also to dry your dishes and utensils. It is sturdy and features premium quality 201 stainless steel construction.

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Its dimensions are 65 by 32 by 52cm in size. It comes with a cutting board holder, a knife holder, utensil holder, hooks for hanging towels and serving spoons.

Shelves For the Kitchen

In the kitchen, these shelves provide additional storage space for dishes, plates, cooking tools, mugs, potted herbs and even spices. You can also use them as dish drying racks or to dry sponges and brushes.

Positioning an attractive shelf over the kitchen sink enhances the empty boring space. These shelves are very easy to assemble.

Stainless Steel Dish Drying RackStainless Steel Dish Drying RackpriceAdjustable Kitchen OrganizerAdjustable Kitchen OrganizerpriceRack with Chopstick HolderRack with Chopstick Holder priceWhitmor Wide Stacking-Shelf ChromeWhitmor Wide Stacking-Shelf ChromepriceHome Basics Chrome ShelfHome Basics Chrome ShelfpriceDecoBros Expandable Organizer (Bronze)DecoBros Expandable Organizer (Bronze)price












Whitmor Chrome And Wood Organizer

Whitmor Chrome And Wood Organizer

This Whitmor shelf comes in a birch and chrome design that will add a decorative touch to any decor.

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It is constructed with sturdy chrome metal and birch wood top that is removable.

It is well made and easy to assemble.

It measures 9 1/2 inches tall, 35 1/4 inches long and 6 1/2 inches wide.

Premium Dish Rack

Premium Dish RackThis dish rack have large capacity and can be used to store knives, cutlery, plates, cups. bowls, serving spoons and cutting boards. It helps in air-drying your utensils, while saving the counter space. It features nano coated steel construction.

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It measures 33.75-inches Long and 24.25-inches tall. It is easy to put together.It comes with cutting board and cutlery holder on the sides. It is fitted with hooks to hang long serving spoons and other utensils.It is sturdy and well designed.

Expandable Shelves

Use your counter space wisely and turn that empty space over the faucet area into a decorative storage area with one of these expandable shelves.

These unique style has been designed to expand and adjust easily in order to fit over the area. Some of them have been designed to fit over double and single sinks in order to create instant storage to store soap, cleanser, pictures and more.

Expandable Scroll Metal Shelf - BlackExpandable Scroll Metal Shelf – BlackpriceBlack Metal Rack w/ Pull-Out DrawerBlack Metal Rack w/ Pull-Out DrawerpriceWalterDrake Expandable Shelfprice








WalterDrake Expandable Organizer

WalterDrake Expandable Shelf

This expandable shelf comes in an attractive black wrought iron design.

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It’s expandable style makes it ideal for use on small areas.It expands from 24 ½ inches to 40 inches long.

It measures 8 ½ inches in height and 6 ½ inches wide. It is also easy to assemble.

2-Tier Sink Organizers

These 2-Tier Organizers are ideal for sitting over-the-sink in the kitchen. They also work well on other flat surfaces in the bathroom, bedrooms, or living rooms.

These racks will keep your things beautifully displayed and well organized.

2-Tier Stainless Steel Rack2-Tier Stainless Steel Rackprice2 Tier Organizer Rack2 Tier Organizer RackpriceDryer Rack 2-Tier (Bronze)Dryer Rack 2-Tierprice







NEX 2-Tier Dish Drainer

Nex 2-Tier Dish DrainerThis 2-Tier Dish Drainer is designed for small kitchens with small sinks. It features stainless steel construction with a chrome modern finish. It is fitted with a chopstick holder at the side. This is a sturdy and large rack to keep your utensils dry and tidy.

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It measures 24-inch long by 10.5-inch in width by 32.5-inch tall. It is easy to put together and set up. It comes with plastic pads on the feet to protect the surface and also prevent slipping. It comes with three water pans that catches water on the top and bottom shelves.

Organizers With Paper Towel Holders

Some of these shelves come with additional holders for paper towels. They also have cup dryer hooks and a drying basket. They are ideal for both single and double sinks.
You can also use them as window-sill stands for displaying plants. They usually help in allowing the plants to receive sunlight coming through the window.

EURO-HOME Organizer SteelEURO-HOME Organizer Steelprice36 1/ 2-inch Chrome Kitchen Center36 1/ 2-inch Chrome Kitchen Centerprice






Wooden Organizers

There are sturdy and come in different styles. They usually help in enhancing your room decor with their artistic design and at the same time provide solution for better organization and storage.

Home Basics Oak OrganizerHome Basics Oak OrganizerpriceBirch Hardwood OrganizerHardwood ShelfpriceHome Basics Pine OrganizerHome Basics Pine Organizerprice







Lipper International Bamboo Organizer

Lipper International Bamboo Organizer

This functional sturdy shelf is ideal for any decor.

It is constructed of bamboo and comes with a natural feel and appearance, making it ideal for use anywhere in the house, be it in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

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It is resistant to stain and cleans easily with water and mild soap. Only minimal assembly is required.
It measures 30 inches long, 9 inches tall and 6-1/2 inches wide, providing adequate room for most faucets.

Shelves for the bathroom

They usually help in adding additional storage space and also help in organizing your bathroom, keeping it tidy and clean.

The organizers will give you a space to place your essentials such as soaps, toothbrush holders, decorations, candles or glasses.

Organizers For Bathroom Sink Areas

If you are looking for a space save design, then these shelves will fit in small areas where you have limited space especially in the bathroom or kitchen.

They are ideal and convenient for such areas and they are light enough to be stowed away after use to a desk or a cabinet.

Small Spaces Over the Faucet Shelf White and ChromeSmall Spaces Over the Faucet Shelf White and ChromepriceOver The Sink Chrome OrganizerOver The Sink Chrome OrganizerpriceHigh Rise Organizer 12-Inch WhiteInterDesign Med+ High Rise Organizer 12-Inch WhitepriceMainstays-Shelf ChromeMainstays-Shelf ChromepriceSteel-Shelf Organizer BronzeSteel-Shelf Organizer BronzepriceOrganizing-Shelf- Black Organizing-Shelf- Blackprice












Whether it is in your office, home or dorm room, these organizers come in handy for better organization, especially if you have little counter space.

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