Shower Chairs With Back For Elderly & Handicapped

Shower Chair With BackShower chairs with back for elderly and handicapped are usually made for those who require extra comfy and safety measures when using the shower or the bathtub.

If your bathroom has a tub that is very slippery and you don’t want to take the risk of falling, you can use a specially designed shower seat with non slip feet for your safety.

Fold up shower seats that have a back rest usually provide additional support and those with arm handles usually help to increase stability especially when standing and during transfers. Use of these seats together with a hand held shower will allow you to enjoy taking your bath while seated.

In situations where you are struggling to stand for a long period because of temporary disability or mobility issues, maybe after an accident or due to illness, a shower seat or bench will provide adequate support as you enjoy your bath. These seats are also ideal for women experiencing pregnancy discomfort such as feeling dizzy after standing even for a short period of time.

In addition, these are great for use by the elderly and those who are permanently disabled as they do allow these individuals to bath independently and in an easy, secure and safe manner.Bathtub chair with back

If you are an individual who normally gets stressed up when shaving your legs, you can make use of this type of furniture as a footrest and comfortably shave your legs without stress.

These chairs are also great for use in elderly institutions, and nursing homes.

These chairs are lightweight and portable. Most of them are made with durable, anti corrosive material ranging from aluminum frame, teak wood, or plastic. The seats normally have holes for draining water. They have differnet weight capacity ranging from 500 to 300 pounds.

They are available in different designs such as those that you can easily fold down or adjust their height, those with arm handles and other slip resistant features. There are those that are constructed for wheelchair bound individuals allowing comfortable transfer of the person from the wheelchair to the bathtub.

Fold Down Shower Seats

These foldable seats are ideal for those with little space. These chairs are designed to fold and unfold easily and quickly for compact storage and easy portability as you travel. They provide a safe seating surface in the shower. Easy to keep out of the way when not in use.

Carex E-Z Bath And Shower Seat with Handles

Carex E-Z Bath And Shower Seat with HandlesThis beautiful seat in a sleek stylish design is well built and comes with handles that makes it easier and safer to sit and get up.

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The seat has drainage holes to avoid water pooling. You can easily adjust the seat height to your comfortable height. It is also easy to fold .
Check the video below for more features.

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Bath Chairs With Adjustable Height

These seats come with a unique feature that allows you to adjust the seat height to a comfortable level. This feature allows for easy transfer on and off the chair and also makes it possible to accommodate both small and large sized individuals. Available in a variety of designs.

Shower Seat with Arm Handles

Arm handles provide comfort and added safety. The handles make it easier when getting in and out of a chair. The handles also act as a safety grab bar especially when entering slippery and wet bathtubs.

Those armrests that are padded will make you feel supported and at ease. You can also use the handle to hang small to medium sized towels. Some handles are fixed while some are removable.

Drive Medical White Chair with Arms

Drive Medical Bath BenchThis comfy, sturdy white chair is made of high-grade plastic that does not rust. It will fit in most showers and regular bathtubs. It comes with removable arms, back and legs, for easier portability and storage. It is easy to assemble and disassemble.

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The stable legs with soft non-skid feet rotate to adjust on uneven surfaces. It is lightweight and you can easily adjust to several comfortable heights.The width of the seat is 22 inches.

Maximum height is about 33-1/2 inches and the height from floor to seat can be adjusted from 15 inches to 21 inches. The legs are 17 inches wide. Its maximum weight capacity is 300 to 350 pounds.

Bathtub/Shower Transfer Bath Chairs

A bathtub transfer bath chair overlaps the side of the tub. It allows you to help the person bathing, to swing his/her legs over the bathtub rim and then slide along the chair so that he/she is fully in the tub. This will help the individual feel more secure and reduce any anxiety.

When used with a handheld shower, it reduces most of the stretching and bending. This design is best for those with best transfer abilities and good trunk control.Great choice when transferring from a wheel chair.

Bathtub Transfer Bath Bench

Bathtub Transfer Bath ChairThis white chair with a wide seat is made of durable plastic that is comfortable and easy to clean. You can position the back and arm seat on either side. Its’ height adjustable legs are made of well-built rustproof aluminum with rubber feet and wide foot grips to secure and stabilize the seat.

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It has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. The seat measures 24 inches by 15 inches. You can be able to adjust the height of the seat from 16 ½ inches to 20 ½ inches. The overall measurements are 29 inches long by 16 inches deep by 25 inches in height without the backrest.

If you require balance and even mobility while entering, showering and exiting the shower, it is advisable to get such a shower chair with a backrest.

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