Silverware Cutlery Drawer Organizer Trays

Silverware Holder For Drawers These silverware cutlery drawer organizer trays are very handy when it comes to organizing cutlery pieces such as spoons, forks or knives.

Silverware should not be stored loosely in a drawer, as pieces can jangle and damage each other.

These holders help in maximizing available space in the drawers and also keeps the silverware from skittering all over the place. They are a great way to help clear clutter in messy kitchen drawers.

These holders come as trays with a numbers of slots or compartments so that items can be sorted by type. Items are stored in a proper clean state and are clearly visible and accessible when required.

Some of these organizers are sized to fit most standard desk and kitchen drawers while others are designed for small or large drawers. Just like storage racks, some of these holders have expandable designs.

They are made of steel wire mesh, plastic or wooden material.

Expandable Designs

Some of these designs usually expand in width in order to custom-fit in most drawer sizes. Some of the expandable organizers have dividers that adjust to accommodate all shapes and sizes. These are either wooden or plastic organizers.

OXO Good Grips Expandable Organizer

OXO Good Grips Expandable OrganizerThis expandable organizer fits in narrow drawers and can easily expand to fit wider ones. It is designed to expand from 9 .75 inches to 16.25 inches. It is lightweight but its rolled structure makes it very sturdy. It is made of plastic material and is white in color.

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It has movable clips that easily adjust to accommodate different dimensions of the utensils. It is dishwasher safe. Its double stack design allows utensils to be stacked neatly in alignment. It also has non-skid feet at the bottom which helps to keep the tray in position.

Plastic In-Drawer Organizers

Plastic organizers are cheaper when compared to wooden designs. They are constructed with thick sturdy plastic. They are easy to clean and most of them are dishwasher safe. Some of them have non-slip bottom that keeps the organizer in place as the drawer opens and closes. Available in large and small sizes.

Rubbermaid Large Cutlery Tray

Rubbermaid Large Cutlery TrayThis large cutlery tray has 5 large vertical compartments each measuring 10.5 inches by 2.5-inches. It has another large horizontal slot at the top that measures 11 inches by 4 inch. Its overall dimension is 15 inches long, 12-inch wide and 2 inches high. It is made from durable plastic. It is available in both white and black colors.

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It has non skid feet at the base which helps to keep the tray in position as the drawer opens and closes.It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Wooden In-Drawer Organizers

Organizers made of wooden material are usually sturdy, well built and very attractive. Most of them are made from pine wood or sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo. They are solidly made and are not flimsy at all.

They last for a long time and are easier to clean and maintain in good state. They are available in different sizes and can also be used for other purposes in the home.

Large Bamboo In-Drawer Organizer

Large Bamboo In-Drawer OrganizerThis bamboo organizer has 6 small compartments and 2 extendable larger compartments on the sides. The compartments are wide enough to put two rows of each category e.g. forks, spoons etc. It expands on both sides to fit the width of most drawers.

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It measures 18-inch long and 2-inch high. It expands from 12.75-inch to 17 1/2-inch wide. It is constructed of high quality bamboo material. It is easy to clean with warm water. It is attractive and very sturdy.

Mesh In-Drawer Storage

Mesh organizers are heavier than plastic designs and do not slide around when drawers are opened. They are stylish and functional. They are made of sturdy steel mesh. Most of them have an epoxy coating that resists peeling and chipping.

The mesh design allows any small crumbs to drop through the organizer for easy clean-up. Their edges are well finished and very smooth without any roughness.

Honey Can Do Steel Mesh Organizer

Honey Can Do Steel Mesh OrganizerThis mesh organizer is made from non-rusting stainless steel and has a silver finish. It is powder coated and scratch resistant. It has 5 compartments to keep your utensils organized. It measures 15-7/8 inches long by 11-1/8 inches wide and 2 inches deep.

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Its mesh design makes it easier to keep the tray clean. It has a modern, clean look. It is designed to fit in most standard drawers.

Instead of jumbling through dangerous knives and forks to get your small spoons, get one of these holders to keep all your pieces in an organized manner.

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