Faucet Mounted Water Filter Review

Faucet Mount Water FilterTop rated faucet mount water filters are designed to remove toxins and pollutants from ordinary tap-water. These filters are a great addition to existing faucets especially those in the kitchen.

Having a trustworthy source of water to drink, cook and for use when preparing food is not just a convenience, but a requirement for every home owner.

Water has become a scarce commodity in our modern world, and pure water is even harder to find as populations explode and pollution becomes more rampant. The search for clean pure water is never ending for humans and animals alike.

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Since water lines can get flooded, as in the case of New Orleans during and after the devastation of hurricane Katrina, or ripped open such as in the spring of 2011 in Japan’s massive earthquakes, it is important for home owners to be prepared for such unexpected and devastating events in order to survive. Every home should have some form of water filtration system as a matter of common sense.

What flows from many faucets is often with unpleasant taste, cloudy and odor. Even if it looks clean, how can you tell that it is free from contaminants? Many of the reported contaminants found in flowing taps include chemical pollutants, parasites, lead, bacteria as well as pesticides.

Most of these filters are fitted with a filtering system to remove toxins and contaminants. Most of the filters have different filtration media including carbon, ceramic and charcoal. Whichever type you choose, they are all configured well to generate pure and hygienic end product. The filtering system gets rid of heavy metals such as chromium and lead, micro-biological pathogens such as toxic bacteria, E-Coli, Cryptosporidium spores and cysts.

They remove toxic chemicals such as pesticides, detergents, chlorine, industrial chemicals, herbicides, and volatile organic compounds. They also remove sediments, sand, dirt and silt.

Carbon filtration system is best as it efficiently works in removing both inorganic and organic contaminants and effective in removing very small contaminants. It also eliminates bad odor by reducing levels of chlorine, improving the taste. In addition, they also improve the taste, clarity and odor of the water.

Faucet-mounted filters are designed to mount directly onto existing faucets. Some are designed to fit different types of taps while others are designed for a particular type of tap.

Here are some of the Top Rated Filtering Kits.

Culligan FM-15A Faucet Filtering Kit

Culligan FM-15A Faucet-Filter KitThis Culligan FM-15A Kit effectively reduces sediments, giardia and cryptosporidium cysts, lead, chlorine odor and taste. It comes with one carbon cartridge filter. The cartridge has a life of up to 2 months and provides up to 200 filtered gallon and should always be replaced after the period or after the recommended water volume has been filtered. Additional replacement cartridge filters can be purchased separately. No tools are required during installation.

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It easily screws on the end of the faucets in either left-hand or right-hand orientation.  It comes with adaptors that allow the faucet to be attached in different faucet designs.It comes with on/off switch for turning the filter off when it is not needed. It doesn’t leak and is small in size, taking up minimal space around the sink.This one comes in a white finish and also as a polished chrome finish.

DuPont Electric Metered Deluxe Faucet-Filter

DuPont Electric Metered Deluxe Faucet-FilterThis Dupont model reduces chlorine, sediment, cycts, asbestos, benzene, lead and mercury. It also improves the quality of the water. It has an electronic display that is easy to read and measures the number of filtered gallons so as to alert you when to replace the cartridge.It is compatible with most standard faucets.

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It comes with one filtration cartridge which provides 200 gallon of filtered water. Additional cartridges can be bought. It comes in brushed nickel, chrome and white colors. It has a switch on the side that turns the filter on or off. It mounts easily by screwing onto the faucet.

PUR Faucet Filters

These Pur filters remove sediments and different contaminants such as lead, chlorine by products, microbial cysts and pharmaceuticals. They usually get rid of the chlorine taste to produce nice, clear water. Each of them comes with one activated carbon cartridge filter with an estimated life of 3 months and provides up to 100 gallons of clean water. Other carbon replacement filters can be purchased here.  They come with built-in electronic indicator to help keep track of the filter life.

They install quickly with just one click and no tools are required making it easy to remove and reinstall in order to create more room in the sink. They come with two-year warranty. They are available in black and chrome, silver matte, chrome, black, gray and white colors. They are compatible with most standard faucets and are designed to mount horizontally or vertically.

PUR Black/Chrome Vertical MountPUR Black/Chrome Vertical MountpricePUR Advanced ChromePUR Advanced ChromepricePUR Horizontal Mount White PUR Horizontal-Mount White price







Watch the video below for a better illustration of their features.

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Use one of these filters and enjoy clean, refreshing drinking water from your kitchen faucet.

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