Best Hand Held Shower Heads Reviews

Hand Held Shower HeadHand held shower heads are very versatile and makes it easy to clean hard to reach areas. They offer the convenience when bathing kids or pets and even when used by those who have to shower when seated on bath chairs.

They have a variety of spray patterns and settings such as water saving or pause settings. They have different finishes and artistic styles.

If you are looking to save gallons of water and minimize your utility bills, a good idea is to choose a low–flow model or one with water-saving features. If you have hard-water, it is important to choose a design with anti clog nozzles to prevent mineral build up.

If you want to pamper yourself every time you get into the shower-area, pick a design with different spray patterns ranging from drenching rain, hydrating mist to gentle massaging.

If you live in an area where the pressure of the water is not very strong, you need to choose shower-kits that have been designed to deliver great pressure no matter how the force of the water is.

Choose a style and finish that will match with the rest of the fittings in the shower area.

Most of the showerheads usually come with a hose included to allow for flexible movement. In addition, most have wall mount holders to hold the head when not in use and also to allow for hands free showering.

Here are some of the top rated designs.

Niagara Massage Showerhead

Niagara Massage ShowerheadThis Niagara chrome showerhead is a low-flow model which provides a good force even at lower pressure. It’s flow rate is 2.0 gallon per minute, saving about 20 per cent in water usage. The head and the body are made of ABS sturdy thermoplastic material.

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The head with nine jet streams is adjustable and usually rotates to allow use of the various spray patterns that include full massage, soft rainfall pressure to forceful, strong spray. It is easier to install and also rust-resistant. Included is a holder and a 72 inch metallic hose. The hose is flexible and tangle-free.

HotelSpa AquaCare Hand-Shower

HotelSpa AquaCare Hand-ShowerThis AquaCare Hand-Shower has a convenient pause button on the handle to stop most of the flow while showering or lathering, saving you plenty of gallons annually. It has a flow rate of 2.5 gallon-per-minute. The head is 4 inches in diameter. The round head provides good water flow and has a variety of spray patterns. The seven different patterns include rain-mist, water-saving rain, rain-massage, hydrating mist and pulsating massage among others. It is lightweight and installs easily.The shower handle is a nicely metalized plastic.

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It comes with a 5-feet stainless steel flexible hose. The hose end fittings are made of metal. It has a short roll of tape included for easier installation. It also comes with separate wall-mount holder for holding the handle. This comes both as a chrome finish and also as a brushed nickel finish.

Delta Seven-Spray Hand Shower

Delta Seven-Spray Hand ShowerThis Delta model has a flow rate of 2.5 gallon per minute. The round showerhead is a high flow model with seven different adjustable spray settings. It is easy to change the settings which range from massage, pulsating, drenching, soft and water saving trickle setting. It is made of thick lightweight plastic.

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It is available in white and chrome finish. It has an easy-to-grip, non slip handle and comes with a 72-inch plastic hose that is flexible. It also comes with a wall-mount holder. It has great pressure and is also inexpensive.

Camco Showerhead Kit

Camco Shower-Head KitCamco Showerhead has an on and off pause switch to stop the flow while soaping up, minimizing water usage. The showerhead is about 4 inches in diameter and has 5 different spray patterns ranging from gentle massage, regular shower to drenching rain.

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You have the option to buy the showerhead only or buy a whole kit which comes with a 60 inch flexible hose, wall-mount holder, washers and installation hardware.The head and entire body features lightweight plastic construction. It has a reasonable price. It is very simple to use and provides great coverage. It comes in white, off-white and chrome colors.

Waterpik Handheld Shower

Waterpik Handheld ShowerThis Waterpik handheld-showerhead has 5 spray settings which include pulsating massage, full body spray, slow massage, misting and strong rinse. To change the settings, you have to adjust the mode-ring at the back of the head. Its flow rate is 2.5 gallon-per-minute. The head features metallic and plastic construction. It has anti clog nozzles that are easy to clean. The head is about 3.5 inches in diameter.

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It comes with 5 foot flexible plastic hose. It is available in chrome and brushed nickel finishes. It is aesthetically pleasing and reasonably priced. It is very simple to assemble and has a flow restrictor that can be removed to increase the flow.

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