Tri Fold Picture Frame

Tri Fold Picture FrameTri fold picture frames are designed to display more than one photo. The frame can hold a maximum of three pictures allowing you to create a certain theme or to communicate a certain message.

These frames are fitted with directional hinges so that the frame can be folded to form shapes such as zigzag or U shape. Some of them can also be hanged horizontally or vertically on the wall.

They are ideal for displaying special events photos or pictures with cherished memories. They are perfect for wall, desk or tabletop display. These tri-fold designs like any other photo-frame can be used at home or in the office.

They come in a variety of colors, sizes and different finishes. They are available in traditional and contemporary designs. These frames are made from metal, plastic or wooden material.

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You will agree with me that a combination of photos displayed together tells a story to a visitor whether in your home or office. The theme created usually serves as a conversation starter or as a memory maker.

Here Are Some Of Best Designs.

Pinnacle Triple Frame

Pinnacle Triple FrameThis Pinnacle triple frame is a free standing design for wallet size pictures. It displays three photos sized 3.5-inch by 2.5-inch each. It is black in color and has a silver lip. The neutral color means it can fit lots of different pictures. The silver lip gives the frame a slightly matted look. The frame usually folds all the way in, making it easy to transport.

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The photos usually look fantastic when displayed in the frame since the silver lip normally outlines the picture against the black frame creating a stunning shiny border. This shiny silver border has a fine subtle accent. It is easy to slide your pictures in and out of the frame.It is attractive with a simple design that allows your photo to be the focus.

Malden Wooden Frame

Malden Wooden FrameThis Malden frame displays 5-inches by 7-inch photos. It stands on its own and can be hanged on the wall either vertically or horizontally. It is easily folds for compact storage or to make additional space for other items on your desk.

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You can easily bend it in order to display the photos in a zigzag shape. It is made with wood material and is black in color. It is simple to wipe clean. It makes a great gift.

Lawrence Polished Silver Style

Lawrence Polished Silver StyleThis Lawrence frame is constructed with heavy weight metal material. It has a polished-silver plate finish with a bead border all around the outside edge. It displays 5-inches by 7-inch photos. The back features high quality black velvet material.

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Its overall measurement is 7.2-inch by 15.6-inches by 0.5 inches. It is easy to keep clean by wiping with a dry cloth. The silver plated edge is perfect for engraving. It is stunning sleek style easily blends well with any d├ęcor.

Burnes of Boston Frame-Design

Burnes of Boston Frame-DesignThis Burnes of Boston-frame has a simple, classic design that works well with any picture. It is of high quality and is also very easy to insert or change pictures. It fits 4-inch by 6-inch pictures.It is lightweight and designed to be displayed on a table top.

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The frame has a brushed silver finish that gives it a modern and sleek look.

Viceni Triple Photo-Frame

Viceni Triple Photo-FrameThis Viceni triple photo-frame is a hinged design with a thin edge. It is silver plated and holds 5-inches by 3.5-inch pictures in triple position. The back features velvet material. It is tarnish resistant.

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It is an attractive timeless design that will compliment well with other silver finishes in the house. It is also available in other sizes.

Maturi UNPF38-46 Frame

This is a lovely Trifold Landscape frame. It is made of metal and is silver plated. It comes in two sizes. One size is designed to hold 4-inch by 6-inch pictures while the other size holds 5-inch by 7-inch photos.The back comes with velvet material.

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It is a table-top frame that will make an impressive gift.

When looking for an ideal frame, it is important to examine your decor in order to pick a design that provides a stunning accent to the decor. Choose the best material and design that fits within your budget.

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