Wall Mounted Metal & Wood Wine Rack

Wine And Glass Storage Organizer RacksWall Mounted Metal & Wood Wine Racks are a convenient way to store your  bottles and glasses either in the kitchen or in your home bar.

They also help in showcasing your prized high quality wine collection.These storage racks can be mounted either vertically or horizontally in order to create a striking visual display for your collection.

Keeping a good selection of wine in your home is a real pleasure and displaying what you have, is also part of the fun.

It is entirely possible to display your wine, no matter how many bottles you have, and do so in a manner that is decorative and practical.

These storage racks with organizer shelves are a perfect way to showcase your collection, whatever sizes that you may have. You are only limited by the amount of wall space that you can appropriate to display your collection.

The range of styles, materials and sizes of the racks is quite varied. There are racks to suit virtually any type of decor from provincial to modern, eclectic to traditional.

It is advisable to start with a design that you can expand on as need arises. You can add other modular sections as your collection grows. Even if you already have a few bottles to store and display, you can opt for large and yet still attractive type of racks that will securely hold 100 or more bottles at a time. Even larger capacities are available to suit the need of any wine collector.

Having a proper rack means you can add a few choice bottles to your collection at any time. No matter how many bottles you have, you can find the perfect organizer.

The variety of construction materials includes wood and metal of different types.

Wall Metal Storage Racks

Racks constructed of metal usually have a favorite look and often it is usually rustic and contemporary style.

Combinations of types of metals or a variety of metal appliques can add a distinctive look to your rack.

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The most popular are those that are made of wrought iron because of the durability of the material and the fact that it is also easy on the eyes.

Others are made of stainless steel and sturdy iron alloy.

Oenophilia 10 Bottle Organizer

Oenophilia 10 Bottle Wine Rack

If you have large walls and you are looking for a large storage rack, then this attractive, timeless design is the best choice.

It is constructed with sturdy metal, has a dark finish and is a great piece of art work.

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This rack comes in two pieces .You can decide either to use each section individually or to use both of them together to form a continuous design.

One piece measures 23-3/4 inches by 20-3/4 inches. The second piece measures 24 inches by 24-1/2 inches.It comes with drywall anchors.

Wooden Storage Wall Racks

Wood has a warmth that is unmatched by any other material.

Wooden wall mount racks are a great addition to your home.

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They have a modern-day appearance.

They blend well with most decor, adding some elegance and enhancing the beauty of your room.

Wall Wood Metal Organizer Racks

These are wall mount storage holders that are constructed of both metal and wood. These holders will adorn your home with their vintage style.

Wood and Metal construction is usually very sturdy.

 Storage Racks With Glass Holder

A storage rack with glass holder helps to free up your counter area, while giving you effortless access to your glasses and wine. In addition to holding your wine, these racks will also hold your glasses and help to store them out of your working counter area, but right where you can reach them so easily.

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Some of these racks also feature additional shelves that you can use to store other essentials such as wine aerators, bottle openers or decor pieces.

Matte Black Metal Bottle and Glass Rack

This solid wire metal rack is the best choice especially if you have limited space in your home, since it easily holds the weight of eight bottles and twenty one wine glasses.

It comes in a matte black finish and its beautiful scroll work will add some elegance to your room.

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It measures 12 inches in height, 31 inches in width and 10 inches deep .

It is easy and simple to set up. It is important to ensure that you have the right wall stud anchors to be able to anchor it correctly on the wall.

It will definitely keep your glasses and wine together offering the convenience that your glasses are always at hand.

Decorative Wall Mounted Racks

Decorative racks have become popular in most homes because they usually add a new level of sophistication when it comes to storage and displaying of wine bottles.

Impress your guests with these decorative wine bottle organizers. These racks provide an elegant and unique way to display your favorite wine collections.

They come in attractive designs, patterns and finishes such as antique metal finish. Some come with leaves and vines patterns, suitable for use in small areas with limited space.

Florenz Wall-Mount Rack Sculpture

Florenz Wall-Mount Wine Rack Sculpture

This attractive rack sculpture comes in a variety of hand painted colors and patterns. It is made of sturdy metal and it can hold up to five bottles of wine.

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It looks great on the wall hanging just like a picture. It measures 6.75 inches wide, 4.5 inches deep and 34 inches in height.

View the video below describing its features

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Metal Bottle Holder

Metal Wine Bottle Holder

This is a functional metal holder that comes in an olive branch type of design with a nice touch of leaves and vines pattern.

It has an attractive antique metallic finish, which looks great on the wall.

It is designed to hold up to four wine bottles. It is light weight, sturdy with an eye catching, stylish appearance.

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It is simple to mount on the wall. It measures 10 inches wide and 35 inches in height.

How to Mount the Wall Bottle Holder

You will want to get good measurements with the proper go-ahead that might be needed to install or to mount your organizer.It is advisable to ensure that you have the right mounting hardware. Most of the racks sold online usually comes with hardware for mounting.

Mounting will typically need anchoring in the studs behind the fascia, or wall anchors for drywall can be used. When choosing the right wall anchors to use, it is important to take into consideration the correct weight that they are supposed to bear.

Using wall stud anchors gives the most stable method of anchoring the rack and distributing the weight. The task is to have a display that is pleasing to your eye, while providing safe and secure wine storage.

Whatever your need to store and display your collection of wines, choose wall storage organizer racks that suits you best.

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